Cardiovascular diseases occur when excessive amounts of fat and cholesterol collect in the blood vessels.

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What are cardiovascular diseases?
Cardiovascular means the heart and circulation.

When the arteries in the heart become hardened due to them ‘clogging up’ with unwanted fatty deposits and cholesterol, this is where cardiovascular problems develop, such as: heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and angina.

Cardiovascular diseases are also known as CVDs – conditions that kill a staggering amount of people in the UK: one in three people, in fact.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease include:

increased or irregular heart rate

chest pain

tightness in the chest

pain spreading from the chest to the shoulder and arm

pain spreading from the chest, up to the neck and then down to the jaw

heart palpitations



shortness of breath


Note: It is possible to be in the early stages of a cardiovascular disease, yet experience no symptoms at all. Or for some people, and equally worryingly, the first indication of any cardiovascular problem is when they have a small heart attack.

Causes of cardiovascular disease include:


high blood-pressure


a diet that is high in saturates (and with no daily intake of up to five fruit and vegetables, or wholegrain food)

excessive salt intake

drinking too much alcohol

being overweight (particularly around the waist)

not partaking in regular exercise

If you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms and feel you may be developing a cardiovascular disease, make an appointment to see your GP. After taking your medical history, he or she will ask you some questions (such as if their is a history of cardiovascular disease in your family), and then carry out a range of tests, which include:

Blood tests – this is to check your blood sugar levels and cholesterol

Measuring of blood pressure and cholesterol

Measuring of your weight

These tests are carried out as part of a risk assessment score system which enables medical professionals to calculate and better assess your cardiovascular health risk and then recommend an appropriate course of treatment (or advise you on any lifestyle changes you may need to make).

In order to establish a confirmed diagnosis, you will then be referred to a cardiovascular specialist for further tests which may include:

A chest X-ray

An electrocardiogram (ECG), or

A Coronary Angiography

Treatments for cardiovascular diseases are primarily aimed at reducing risk. These treatments include:

Advice and recommendations regarding lifestyle changes (e.g., eating a better and more balanced diet, partaking in regular exercise, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol consumption)

Medication – Beta-blockers and nitrates to help lower blood pressure and lessen your heart’s demand for oxygen

Surgery – a coronary bypass operation or angioplasty, to help ease symptoms, but not cure your cardiovascular disease

Heart transplant – a full ‘heart replacement’ with a healthy heart from a matching donor

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