Losing weight does not need to be difficult and it is perfectly possible to get rid of excess fat and then keep it off permanently. However, this does depend on you avoiding silly fad diets or any type of crash diet. There are hundreds of such weight loss plans out there that rely on gimmicks to draw people in. You do not need to look for anything new or different because the facts about how to lose weight permanently are very straightforward and have been known for a long time.

Excess weight is fat that your body has stored because you have taken in more energy than your body needs. You can get rid of this by adjusting that balance between the amount of food and energy that you take in and the amount of energy that you burn as you go through your day. The simple fact is that you need to cut down on the energy or calories that you consume and take more exercise in order to burn off more calories than you normally would. You can of course do only one of these options, but by doing both you significantly speed up the process.

While that sounds simple (and it is) many people are put off because they assume that this will mean either eating horrible food, doing non stop exercise, or both. This is not so. What we are talking about here is making modest adjustments to your lifestyle. If you try to go with either a diet or exercise plan that is completely at odds with how you live your life at the moment, the chances are that you are going to give up and fail. The way forward is to find reasonable and gradual changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle without causing you serious disruption or forcing you to stop doing all the things you currently enjoy.

Exercise for example is something that not everyone looks forward to. This is partly about finding something that you can enjoy, and also it can mean finding different ways of working out so that you have some variation. Increasing the amount of cardiovascular exercise you take is the best way to burn off extra calories, which will help you lose weight faster than you otherwise would. Cardiovascular exercises are those which get your heart pumping and speed up your rate of respiration. They have many positive effects, including speeding up your metabolic rate and giving you a healthier heart.

The good thing is that there are an endless number of ways to take cardiovascular exercise, so you have lots of choice and are less likely to get bored with whatever you choose to do. Options for workouts of this sort include walking, running, swimming, skipping rope, dancing, aerobics, bike riding, squash, badminton, etc. The best approach is to start gradually and build up over a period of time.

With regard to what you eat and cutting down on your calorie intake, the best way to do this is through calorie counting and gradually changing to slimming foods. Get to know which foods are more likely to lead to more energy than you need and which ones will fill you up without leading to stored fat. A good approach is to build up your own supply of slimming recipes and foods. The internet is a great resource for this because you can find hundreds of great recipes completely free of charge. Just introduce a new recipe each week and over a period of time you will gradually change to a much more healthy diet.

The combination of taking in fewer calories and burning off more energy through workouts can only result in one thing: steady, permanent weight loss.

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