During the period of the 80's, I decided to stay with my mama who had been found with cancer. It was heart wrenching to see mother go through lots of difficulties that were unfit for any human to live through.We were persistently looking for means to make her more relaxed and to make things (easier for me, since I was the main care giver.| Our hunt for every possibility to help both the patient, that would be my mama, and the caregiver, referring to myself, are relentless.| Mama and I, being her primary care giver had to bear the illness together and both of us strive as much as achievable to incorporate in our day to day activities things that may perhaps reduce the load. Regardless of the complexities and how difficult it was for both me and my mom, being able to take care of my mom at these trying moments are very precious.We discovered numerous things about each other and our own on this trip that we walked together.| While we go on together every day, we got to discover more and more about one another.| The moments that me and my mom had together had deepened our relationship.

Bedsores are a common thing when you are frequently in bed and since mother was always in bed, all of us made certain that mama was lying contentedly and with the right support.We made a lot of Judging from their appearances, these mattresses do look like egg cartons. Pressure sores were reduced when this soft foam pad was utilized and the size that we obtained was just appropriate for mother's bed.

We also utilized waterproof covers and wool pads. Apart from making mama feel comfy during winter nights and summer days, the wool pads were fantastic for keeping the bed resistant to bacteria and dust mites.

As mom's sickness aggravated, mom's mattresses and beds had to be replaced with a more improved version. Initially, she slept on the a king-sized bed, then was transferred to an electric bed with single capacity for easy access each time the sheets needed to be changed and then to a bed with an alternating pressure mattress. Mom's blood circulation was kept thus bed sores were avoided and the pain was lessened, all due to these great add-ons. Mother never experienced a pressure sore, not even once in her whole 15 years of staying in bed continuously.

Pressure sores are effected by remaining in one position for an extensive period and generally arise where the bones are near to the skin such as elbows, knees, ankles, and hips. Pressure sores can occur over the tailbone, along the spine, back of the head, shoulders or buttocks. Due to these ulcers, infections might also be acquired, critical enough that could kill a person. If constant pressure on a part of the skin decreases blood circulation to that area, a pressure sore is arising.| The skin area where the pressure is continuous inhibits the blood circulation thus heading to the development of pressure sores.| Pressure sores happen in skin areas where blood circulation is hampered, usually these are areas where the pressure is constant

In the prevention of pressure ulcers, caregivers have an essential responsibility in this. The patient must at all times be kept dry, from sweat and moisture, as a consequence of incontinence. The linens beneath the patient should be smoothened every time. On a regular basis, mobilize the patient every 2 hours, shifting the upper and lower extremities in a gentle way and at a variety of positions to allow the blood to run continuously. The fingernails and toenails must be cut often to avert scratches and slashes. For extra assistance, egg-crate mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses and pads may be utilized too. Usually threatened areas of pressure ulcers such as the ankles can be cared by using sheepskin socks that are short and soft. The first sign for a probable creation of pressure sore is reddishness on the bony areas so you have to keep an eye on these.

Making those dear to us comfy as possible most especially if they are going through a terminal sickness is what each one of us wants. Then again, we cannot do that singlehandedly and we need the help and support of others - either in the form of gadgets or associations - which are all open to us.I understand, I was able to use several of these associations. We benefited several intelligence from these groups and especially their generous love .

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Have a good night sleep each time you go to bed by using a wool pad. www.safehomeproducts.com recommends affordable prices.