Surgeons play a very crucial role in the community. Diagnosing the disease and ailments of the patients they also help health maintenance by providing preventive healthcare methods for them.

Multiple Streams

Multiple streams of surgeon jobs are there. Some of the most important streams are –
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine; and
Doctors of Medicine.

D.Os will differ from M.Ds or Doctors of Medicines in that they focus on holistic treatments and preventive medicines. On the other hand M.Ds will usually practice the allopathic forms of medicine. However, both of these types use surgeries as well as drug therapies.

Specialist Surgeons
Many surgeon jobs are that of specialists. Major areas of specialties are that of –
Family as well as general medicines;
Internal medicines;
General pediatrics;
Obstetrics; and

Basic Duties of Surgeons

Basic duties of surgeons are to perform operations on the patients to rectify deformities in the body and for prevention of all associating and disabling diseases. Surgeons also use anesthesia during operations. In any case the duties of surgeons are to provide treatments and also offer health repair services.

Different Types of Surgeries

Different types of surgeries carried out by the surgeons are –
Orthopedic surgery;
Ophthalmology surgery;
Neurological surgery; and
Plastic and reconstructive surgery.

There are multiple other types of complicated surgeries but these are the most commonly used ones.

Job Opportunities

Huge job opportunities are available for the surgeons in all circles.
In public sector jobs are available in hospitals, dispensaries, and health care centers;
Jobs are also available in large public sector undertakings;
In private sector jobs are available in hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions, and other health care centers;
Most of the large commercial houses also set up their own health service units for the employees and their kiths and kin.

It is estimated that the job opportunities for surgeons would be constantly growing in the current decade due to growing health problems in all spheres of the job.

Qualifications and Experience

Usually a candidate seeking surgeon jobs will have to undergo four year degree course from a recognized medical school and it has to be followed with residency and internship that could be in the range of 3-8 years overall. Courses covered would be mathematics, physics, and biology, organic and inorganic chemistry besides others.

Candidates who have completed at least bachelor’s degree have better scope for employment.

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