Every enterprise requires an office and every office will require a manager to effectively manage the affairs. Basically the tasks entrusted to them are supervising the office affairs including control and management of the support staff working in the office.

Job Features

Basic job features of the office managers are –

Supervising the administration of support workers.
Usually such support workers would be office staff, secretaries, and assistants working in the office.
Office managers work in all types of enterprises as well as in government offices.
They head the entire office in the smaller enterprises while they are part of the administrative set up in the larger enterprises.
He or she is responsible for directing the workers to perform their jobs efficiently.
Role in Office Administration

Office managers have important role to play in office administration and they help rendering it efficient and smoothly running. Qualifications necessary for the assistants and office workers are often determined by them. For instance; when it is the case of an accounting office, the manager will decide the education al qualification required such as the bachelor’s degree or a higher master’s or doctoral degree. Human resource management and hiring and recruitment often constitute important parts of the job of the manger. Especially; they will ensure that jobs are not unnecessarily duplicated in the office. Also they will decide on the respective utility of the jobs in the office and decide on dispensing on unnecessary posts and services.

Education and Training

Job of the manager will require at least the following educational qualification and training –

A bachelor’s degree in the minimum though at times a high school diploma will suffice if the person concerned in already engaged by the enterprise concerned;
Relevant courses in finance, accounting, administrative, data processing, and personal management could be useful.
A number of home study and online job courses through distant education are available for the specific job.
Employment Opportunities

Office managers will usually start as assistants in the organizations and work their way up the ladder to managerial posts. Employment opportunities are huge and are available in both public and private sectors. Median salary of the office managers come to around $41,020 per annum.

As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics around 1.4 million jobs were available in the country in 2004 and it has supposedly reached the figure of 2.0 millions in the last 7 years. Growth rate is supposed to continue at least till 2014 though after some times the rate may slow down a bit.

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