Reviewing the manuscripts as well as the book proposals, the book editor decide whether a particular book should be published or not. While the major consideration in such decision would be the financial considerations, there are other considerations like ethics, and public welfare, that often influences the decision of the editor.

Basic Features

Basic features of the book editor’s job are –
Receipt of proposals for publication of books;
Deciding whether the book in question should be published or not; and
Review and edit drafts while overseeing the publication processes.

Education and Training Requirements

Usually a little higher education is required for carrying out the task of book editors. While a bachelor’s degree could be the minimum requirement, higher degrees like masters or doctoral degrees would be much more preferable for carrying out the task and pursuing a successful career.

Some of the important aspects are –
Candidate should have necessary knowledge as well as experience in editing job;
He or she should have a clear conception of the subject dealt in the book;
Editors should always have specific interest in the technical aspects of writing;
They should be able to work closely with the authors as well as guide them through the process of publication;
Must have excellent writing and communication skills;
People with strong academic records and keen interests in publication works would be preferred to others; and
Those having work experience or internships would be preferable to others.

Career Prospects for Book Editors

Experience in the publication industry is highly valued by employers all over the world. Hence the entry level positions in the arena of publication would offer the basic stepping stones for pursuing a higher career of book editor. For instance; working as assistant editor in prestigious enterprises will substantially brighten up the prospect of becoming editor or even chief editor in future. Even those working as editorial assistants will have advantage over their counterparts who never had such opportunities despite having a brilliant career graph.

Book editor’s job has multiple aspects. Some could be solely related to acquisition where editors are responsible for not only finding out but reviewing the materials and making recommendations about publications. Specializing in copy editing is also one of the parts of the job where the editor ensures that the texts are consistent grammatically as well as flow of writing is maintained throughout.

An efficient and hardworking person can easily advance from one level to other; from the rank of assistant to that of chief editor in due course of time.

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