With so many fields mushrooming up in different areas, there are numerous career options for the youth of today. The per-dominant career options have been replaced by much exciting and challenging career options. However, due to so many options available to the youth today, there is a tendency of getting confused. Still there are certain career options which are highly preferred. These career options can be highly rewarding, however the students fail to realize that they also need to take into account their own potential and capabilities. For example, a student who has creative capabilities might not do well in the field of management, thus he must not opt for an MBA degree, rather pursue a career which matches his/her own capabilities. In such a scenario, the role of a career guide comes into action. Career guidance has become a major necessity for the youth of today which prefers going by the trend than by their own interests. These career guides not only help the students with career options but also acquaint them with problems related to work fields, interview tips, group discussion preparations etc.
Since our childhood days, our career guides are our parents. This role is divided between the teacher and the parent, as we get into school. As we grow up, many people become our advisers, supporters, well wishers etc. However, all these opinions by our near ones are not professional. They can be the best career guides for you but in order to realize your potential you need to resort to professional help. This help can be provided by career guides who have been trained to provide proper career guidance and also advice on other career related issues. They not only help you with career guidance but also give you a glimpse into the career you wish to choose. They adopt various measures and questionnaires to test your potential. Based on the result of your interests and your potential career options, a list is prepared which helps you choose the most viable career option. They do not pressurize you make the final decision. Also, along with career guidance, you are given interview tips, gd preparations etc. Thus, it s full package which helps you make a better future for yourself and not merely go by what others are doing.
It is time to think for yourself and realize your own potential. There can be many hidden capabilities in you, which you are not yet aware of. For this you need to seek career guidance and resort to professional help. Once you get your mind clear with what you want, you can pursue your goal with focus and determination.

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