Selecting the right path is critical for reaching the desired destination. Even the best sailors need a compass to navigate the ship through the turbulent water.  Likewise, without strategic guidance and mentoring, the best possibilities and potentials might not reach the apex of success. Therefore, we, at JP International School, one among the Best Schools in Greater Noida, have created a dedicated career guidance cell to aid our budding geniuses on their path to success and glory. We believe that every child is born with unique potentials. We have hence entrusted the responsibility on our veteran counselors to assess the best in each of our students and guide them through their journey of learning to ensure they earn immense feats in life ahead.

Choice of Subject

Children often face the problem of choosing the subjects for their next level of studies. This is where JPIS career guidance cell steps in to help the young minds settle for the right choice. The professional counselors at our guidance cell closely analyze the past academic performance of the student in concern and accordingly figure out their fields of interest. Following this strategic move, the guidance cell sums up the results and suggests the best domain or combination of subjects for the students. While suggesting the best domain, the guidance cell also takes care of the demand of the subjects chosen in the market to ensure ample growth opportunities pursuing the same.

Professional Guidance

Since children during the school years do not get enough exposure to the real job market and its various dimensions, it is the career guidance cell that comes to their aid. When a professional guide assists in understanding the real-time scenario of the job market, it becomes feasible for the students to get a clear picture of the trends and market demands. This helps them to make the best career choice. The career guidance cell of JPIS also helps the aspirants to understand the scope of every academic field that enables them to decide over the right domain.

Choice of Colleges

When choosing the right college or university after completing the school level education, factors like ranking of the institution, career assistance, faculty strength, learning methodologies, and availability of experiential learning must be checked. It is often a herculean task for young learners to collect all the relevant data running thorough market research and settle for the best one. The best CBSE residential school in Delhi career guidance cell helps the students to shortlist the names of the best universities and colleges to opt for their next level education. Being experts in the field, the guidance cell suggests names that qualify all the criteria mentioned above.

Application Processes

Applying for scholarships and courses in international universities has always been a lengthy process subject to the fulfillment of several conditions. The JPIS career guidance cell encourages the spirit of ambitious students and guides them thoroughly through the process. The advisors at the cell keep the students updated with the latest developments pertaining to competitive exams, dos and don’ts to keep in mind while submitting an application form, and application deadlines for each university, which makes the process easier for them.

Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing is an integral part of the selection procedure in many international and high-grade national colleges and universities. Our career cell works at sharpening the essay writing skills of the students through regular sessions to ensure good scores for them. The teacher-student coordination for a teacher recommendation letter is often advocated by the counselors of JPIS career cell, making the admission processes at the international universities easier for our students.

Miscellaneous Activities

For holistic development of the students and for enriching the students with an industry-level experience, the JPIS career guidance cell arranges for various development workshops, University visits, cultural immersion programs, University fairs, etc. Besides, the cell also arranges to invite eminent professors and educationalists to visit the JPIS campus for seminars and motivational talks so that our students benefit a great deal from it.

At JP international School, positioned among the boarding school Delhi, we are committed to delivering quality education that prepares students for the global landscape.

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To that end, establishing a career guidance cell at JPIS is one of our many initiatives to help our young learners choose the right path and make their mark in every sphere they venture into.