Choosing a right career option is one of the most tricky and significant decisions of your life. It decides your future. Well, pretty much. This process can get affected by various numbers of reasons. On many occasions, students seek career guidance from experts. That is the right way to go about it actually. But what matters the most is, what field are you really interested in. When there is mental satisfaction, you can succeed in whatever field you choose. Students can seek guidance from career counselors, which it has become one of the most sought after career options. They can also get interview tips from these counselors, so that when they get a chance to kick off their dream career, they surely won’t fail. Some of the common problems faced by students regarding this are –

1.#Parental pressure – In India, especially when it comes to the middle class families, the mind set hasn’t changed much since last decade or so. Most of the parents still want doctors and engineers in their families. This is understandable, given their economical instability for which they need a sense of a ‘secured future’ to be guaranteed by their children. Whenever someone comes up with an innovative career option like to be a journalist or a photographer, a cartoonist; he/she has a hard time convincing the parents. However, most of our parents, but not all of them, have gradually liberated their thoughts and have allowed us to commence with alternate careers. So yes, the scene is gloomy but not dark.
2.#Seeking correct guidance – While approaching a career counselor for help regarding these matters, one must be sure he/she is approaching the right person. One also has to have a clear cut idea about what he wants from life as far as career is concerned – with respect to both short term and long term goals. And he should make sure to communicate these ideas to the counselor, as clearly as possible.

So as it is clear from the above discussion, it’s not easy to choose the correct career options for you and to stick by it. And seeking the correct career guidance or getting the right interview tips can be a tricky process as well. But you can tackle both these issues if you have the ‘idea’, the vision about how you want to see yourself in the coming 5-10 years. Be clear and be brave. If there is a will, there is a way.

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