If you are thinking of switching jobs, getting new career for the first time or getting new position in your current employment, you certainly need career advice. The global employment marketplace is changing so rapidly and many people are wondering what will be their next step to take. You may feel lost and find it difficult to advance your career.

The best method to give your job hunt a boost is to lay more emphasis on networking and make it your second job. Personality contributes more to the success of your job hunting than your qualifications. It is much easier to advance when you know someone in a higher position who is willing to help you.

Seek advice from them, and indeed ask if they know of any job openings around. The person who is in a higher position than you are can readily offer you information since he does not have anything to lose. You will advance your status faster in the business world the more you network.

It is said that “creativity is a remix” Keep tabs on what others are doing to find job and improve on the most effective tricks you can find. Read articles on interview tips and career advice as much as possible. If a good number of them are getting hired and you are not, there might be problem with your resume or the way you interview.

Your resume should be updated from time to time, and do not submit the same resume for different job positions. Your resume must be tailored towards the position you are applying for. Keep an eye on what employers are demanding and take note of the different skills that are continually asked such as, new programming languages, different technical skills and even those that are not in your field.

Make sure that there are demand for your new career if you are considering changing it. Do not create chance for seasoned professionals who might probably take the spot you want to take. One way to ensure that you are making a good move in your career is doing something you enjoy. If you are working in an industry you hate, you cannot be expected to follow career advice.

You are not going to do a good job or look enthusiastic about your career if you do not enjoy the work. Enthusiasm goes a long way in advancing your status around any business. Your job hunt will quickly end once you offer some enthusiasm towards your trade.

Finally, be patient. The perfect job might not come immediately, it might take a week or month. If you have sufficiently networked and submitted your resumes, take time off from your job hunt so you do not get worn out, your dream job will eventually come your way.

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Irabor Mark is a chief technologist and head of unit college of medicine university of Ibadan