In today’s day and age, it seems hard to find a job that doesn’t require sitting in front of a monitor for a couple of hours daily. Besides being bad for your sight and back, sitting in front of a computer for so long will have a bad impact on your brain too. Even if the situation looks bad, it isn’t hopeless. You can still find a lot of jobs that can be done outside an office.


Spending less time in the office and more time in nature is certain if you opt for the job of a landscaper. Groundskeeping and landscaping are bound to make you spent more time in the fresh air. This kind of employment is perfect for someone with green fingers.

Elevator installer and repairer

If you consider yourself as a more of a handyman, you may start your career as an elevator installer and repairer. As the name of the occupation suggests, you would install, fix, and maintain elevators. You would also work with escalators and other sorts of lift. The knowledge of hydraulics, electronics, and electricity will be necessary for you to successfully do your job and be safe in the workplace.


For someone young and at the beginning of the career path, the job of a courier is very decent and profitable. The main advantages of this occupation are that you don’t have a superior, you don’t need to work in an office and, the best part of it, you have flexible hours. All you need is a medium rigid truck license and you're ready to go. You'll have control over your future and you'll be able to enjoy your work more.

Construction manager

Being a construction manager mostly means leading construction projects. You’ll spend most of your time in the construction sites. Besides overseeing the projects, your job will also be planning it, coordinating, and budgeting on it. You could be a construction manager for public or industrial structures, for roads, bridges, and many other sites.

Airline pilot

If you like the idea of spending a lot of time in the air, being a pilot is definitely the thing you should consider. As an airline or commercial pilot, your job would be flying and navigating airplanes or helicopters. You would probably transport people or cargo, but you could be flying for other purposes too, some of them being rescue operations, fire fighting, or aerial photography.


To make sure you're not going to end up behind a computer desk in some office, you can decide to become a geographer. A geographer's job is to study the Earth and its land. It also includes the study of inhabitants, culture, economy, and politics. Being an expert in geography involves a lot of travelling and getting to know different people, their countries, and cultures. If you’re interested in this kind of scientific work, geographer should definitely be your career choice.

Environmental engineer

If you like studying and solving problems and you want to do your best to save the plant, opting for a career in environmental engineering is the right choice for you. You would use principles of chemistry and biology, as well as the ones of engineering, to solve some environmental problems. For instance, you would look for ways to improve recycling, public health, or air quality.

Atmospheric scientist

If you’re looking for some outside job, you should consider the position of atmospheric scientist. As an atmospheric scientist, you’ll spend a lot of time outside collecting data in the field. You’ll perform all sorts of research during different weather events and you’ll use the results later when making forecasts. Monitoring weather conditions and predicting severe weather threats is an exciting and noble job if you want to avoid working in an office.


Your career could have a higher purpose if you decide to become a biochemist. You’ll do your job in a laboratory, with a team. You’ll conduct many different experiments in order to develop new medicines. The job involves chemical principles and biological processes. If you’re good at science and you want to take part in the development of the world and science, this job will be perfect for you.

Judge and hearing officer

If you are interested in legal affairs, you should think about becoming a judge or a hearing officer. You may have to sit a lot for this kind of job, but sitting in a courtroom and an office definitely isn't the same. You would oversee all sorts of legal processes. For example, you may oversee traffic offenses. If you do opt for this job, you will make important decisions to make sure justice is achieved.


If you're a person deeply in love with the animal world and you want to find a way to make money out of that love, a veterinarian's job is the perfect job for you. Diagnosing, treating, and researching animals' medical problems are the main parts of this job. You would treat domestic pets and livestock if you do opt for this job. You may just prescribe medicine, but you may also perform surgery. Whether you end up working in a clinic or a hospital, you'll definitely be doing a good deed and a noble job.

Nurse midwife

One of the more altruistic jobs is being a nurse-midwife. Delivering babies must be one of the most exciting and magical jobs in the world. As a nurse-midwife, you'll be taking care of women and their newborn babies. You will also assist physicians and manage all sorts of situations during labour. You may work in birthing centres or parents’ homes since you will also do a great deal of educating parents when it comes to wellness care, nutrition and disease prevention.

The options for a job outside an office are not that poor at all. If you inform yourself well, you’ll be able to find the right job. Don’t be afraid, look for different types of jobs, see what you’re interested in and good at, and find your dream job.

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