In this Glamorous world, everybody wants to be famous. What better way to be famous than to be an actor or a model? or a fashion designer? or an interior designer? These are the careers in demand these days. Everybody likes to be fashionable and go with the current trends and being famous is any day a dream career for anybody. We see actors and models and are inspired by them; these careers are the most lucrative ones.

Career as fashion designer and interior designer
Designing is the best to way to show your creative skills. Fashion designing and interior designing are the two most demanding branches of careers in designing. There are various institutions in India providing these courses. These colleges provide the students a platform to work on their creative skills and polish their technical aspects. One can work as a designer under some brand name and also start their own brand. Interior designing refers to the arrangement of living space, i.e. organizing, managing, and planning the interiors of a room, exhibition hall, museum, hotel, restaurants, conference centers, theatres, commercial establishments, theatres etc. Earlier it was the work of architects to do the interior and exterior of the building, but now people like to be more precise and polished with their work, this has opened a large gateway to a career in interior designing. Fashion designing deals with clothes and textiles, and the entire world running after fashion and trendy styles, this is a flourishing career.

Career in acting and modeling
the stereotypical notions of students choosing the academic careers has given way to more thrilling and lucrative careers in the industry like acting and modeling. Most of the youth go for these careers nowadays. With the boon in the ad industry the models are high in demand. Even the fashion industry has helped both actors and models to grow as they need fresh faces to advertise their products and brand them. There are many ambassadors of various brands who get handsome pays along with fame and popularity. There are various colleges in India and abroad providing courses for modeling and acting, which work upon personality development and confidence level, as these are important pre-requisites for these careers. Unlike, earlier times when you could get into these careers only if you were from an acting background, these days there are many platforms for budding actors and models. There are many TV shows and contest held where one gets a chance to show his or her abilities and gets noticed because of his or her hard work. Once you get into this field, its easy money and easier fame.

These career in acting and modeling
or fashion designing and interior designing are the budding careers and the most lucrative ones. One just needs to get the right platform to exhibit his or her abilities and creative skills and the future is secure.

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