You have a wide variety of career options to choose from, in today’s world. Old system of education has given way to a more rationalised form of education which gives every student the right to voice his/her opinion. This has also broadened the view about career choices. Also, due to stiff competition every field requires the best and highly trained professionals to be recruited even for minor jobs. Fields like teaching, fashion designing, education industry, architecture, etc. which were not even considered as viable career options are flourishing rapidly today.
Career in Teaching:
In order to take up the profession of teaching, one must be a patient listener and ready to exchange ideas with the students.
Innovative methods of teaching should be adopted and every child should be given the right to voice his/her opinion.
Since government has laid so much importance on education, teachers are in high demand. There is a school even in the remotest areas of the country which require efficient teachers who spread education.
The introduction of virtual class room teaching has also increased the opportunities for teachers.
Career in education industry:
It is a myth that career in education industry is confined to teachers and principals of various schools and colleges. The education industry is a much larger sector which provides large variety of job opportunities to the youth.
There are some people whose works are known to us however, there are other group of people who work behind the scenes. These include the administrating staff that takes care of various functions in schools, colleges etc.
Jobs in the education industry can range from the bus driver of a school bus to the principal of an esteemed school. Every person related directly or indirectly to any education institution makes a major contribution to the education industry.
Career counsellors, psychologists etc. come under the team of the education industry which aims at imparting education to the country.
Career in fashion designing:
A career in fashion designing helps an individual to exhibit his/her creative abilities through clothes.
With the influence of the west, every body’s live is dominated by fashion trends. This has opened a large opportunity for the fashion designers to earn their livelihood.
There are various brands where you can work after completing your graduation from any of the top-notch colleges.
If you have an eye for beauty and an innovative mind you can take up this career option. Apart from a luxuries income you can also get to meet famous designers and learn from them.

While education industry and teaching are professional careers and require a strong academic background, fashion designing thrives on creativity. However, all three are the leading career options in today’s time and have attracted the youth in large numbers.

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