It has been said that the average person spends most of their life at work, and this shows why it is so important for someone to do something that is fulfilling. If they don’t, this one area is likely to have a negative effect on every other area of their life.

Point of Focus

When they are at work, it could be normal for them to think about what they will be doing when they finish. And when they are not at work, they could spend a lot of time thinking about how it will only be matter of time before they have to go back

As a result of this, it is going to be a challenge for them to enjoy the time they spend at work and the time they have off. One could feel as though they have very little, if any, control over their life.

Pain Relief

This is not to say that one will always be in touch with this pain though, as they could have moments when they disconnect from how they feel. One could have a number of ways to get away from what is taking place within them.

Drinking alcohol could be one way for them to avoid how they feel and/or they could spend a lot of time watching TV. A lot of their money could also be spent on going on holidays, and this will be a way for them to get away from it all.

Going Away

This is then going to be radically different to the people who go away to recharge their batteries. There could be times when they go away for get away from it all, but this is likely to be the exception.

However, if someone like this was to tell them to change their life so that they don’t need to escape, it might not have much of an effect on them. And if one feels as though they can’t change their life, this is to be expected.


One could believe that the people who do have a fulfilling career are different to them, or that they are lucky, for instance. There is the chance that they are different, but that doesn’t mean that one can’t do anything about their circumstances.

At one point in time, the other person may have been in the same position as them. This is not to say that their life would have changed overnight, as it might have taken them quite some time.

The First Step

Perhaps they left where they were working and started working somewhere else, and there life may have completely changed. Alternatively, it may have been a more gradual process, and this could be a sign that one started to their own business while they were still at their old job.

The fact that they were doing this might have made it easier for them get out of bed each day. Once they had built it up enough, they would have been able to walk away without having to worry about what they would do.


There will be the effect this has had on their own well-being, and it will also have had an effect on the people in their life. Getting out of bed in the morning is likely to be a lot easier, and when they go away, they will look forward to coming home.

When they are not working, they will be able to use their time more productively; instead of doing everything they can to avoid reality. Their friends and family might also have found it a lot easier to be around them.

A Different Reaction

One may have found that some of the people they spent time with are no longer in their life, and this could be because they no longer had a connection with them. They would have changed, but some of their friends might not have been willing embrace the person they had become.

On the other hand, one may have found that spending time around them was having a negative effect on their well-being. It was then in their best interest to move on and to spend time around people who would have a positive effect on their life.

More of a Challenge

But even though someone is going to suffer when they have a job or a career that isn’t right for them, it doesn’t mean that everyone will suffer in the same way. It can be a lot easier for some people to work somewhere that is not very fulfilling.

What this partly comes down to is that not everyone deals with stress in the same way, and this is due to the fact that not everyone is the same. If one is sensitive, for instance, being in the wrong job is soon going to wear them down.

Highly Sensitive Person

It will be a lot harder for them to walk away at the end of the week and to deal with the stress that they are experiencing. They might not have the energy to do anything, but unless they realise why they are experiencing life is this way, they could believe that there is something wrong with them.

This is going to be far from the truth; what it will come down to is that they need to have a job/career that will allow them to make the most of their sensitive nature. When this happens, there will be no reason for them to suffer unnecessarily, and they will be able to thrive.

The Right Option

One thing they could do is to start their own business, as this is likely to give them far more control than they would have if they worked for someone else. Through taking this route, they will be able to pay attention to their own needs; whereas if they were to work for someone else, it would be a lot harder for them to do so.

Through being able to do this, they will be able to work somewhere that isn’t too loud or where there is a lot going on. They also won’t have to be around people who lack empathy or those who will drain them.
There won’t be anyone looking over their shoulder and judging their performance, and this will make it easier for them to relax. And if they feel overwhelmed, they will be able to take a break.


If one believes that this would be the best option for them to take, they can begin to look into what kind of business they could start. The work that they will have to put it to make this a reality will be worth the effort in the long-run.

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