It is vital that a fresher be able to develop an attractive Resume for freshers with the help of career counselors who could provide the required career guidance to help candidates secure jobs. Many candidates will only have the educational qualification and no experience to support their capabilities so if a candidate could enroll in a coarse that provides internship payment in a company of firm this would go a long way towards improving the Resume for freshers.

Many MBA courses provide internship training to MBA candidates thus introducing them in the industry before they are qualified to mange them. This exposure and experience accumulated plays a major role in future job opportunities but even here career guidance plays a major role. It is vital that all candidates graduating from any field link up with a career counselor who could help them plan their careers and how to go about achieving their goals in the future.

Many candidates today are said to carry many qualification yet lack the experience or knowledge to present their capabilities to interviews. Besides holding a piece of paper that says you are qualified you will be expected to present your career objects and goals and it is vital you have them prepared so as to provide the required answers. It is not important that you must answer the questions correctly but it is vital that you answer the question asked whether you know the answers or not.

Career guidance classes will teach you that admitting to not knowing something is better than keeping quiet regarding the unknown answer. Career counselors say you should be able to admit that you don’t know something rather than keep quite since this shows you understand your weakness and are ready to learn how to solve it. Today a Resume for freshers must be well made and proper guidance provided to the candidate before attending any job interview since there are many candidates applying for the jobs thus making if more difficult for fresher’s to secure jobs.

Career guidance and career counselor could today easily be found on the internet, and many provide their services for free. One should consider contacting one of the career counselors since they are known to provide good advice to candidates as there is not financial or personal gain to be made beside a simple review. They could also help prepare Resume for freshers thus helping reduce the cost one would need to get one made by the local career counselor.

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