A career in computer based technology is not only about software engineers and analysts, but there are ample of other field branches which provide excellent employment opportunities. One such technological aspect is the field of computer network technology.

A computer network technician needs to provide technical, maintenance and support towards system support services. He or she is also required to perform repair of systems as well. In addition a major part of their duty involves troubleshooting the concerned system support services.

As the field of computer network is vast, there are many other facets related to the responsibilities of a computer network technician. He may be required to update the antivirus functionality for all the computers in the network. These technicians normally work in groups and report to a manager in computer networking company.

Some other aspects of the ‘roles and responsibilities’ section for a computer network technician are as follows:
Apart from repairing and troubleshooting, they need to maintain a report history for future updates.
They need to be updated with the latest developments in the field of computer networking and integrate new solutions in their working.
Maintenance related issues are normally taken care of during non-peak hours or during weekends, so computer network technicians might have to provide their services during these hours.


Prior to going for certifications and diplomas, knowledge and proficiency in computer hardware will help. A good customer service skill along with an understanding of software programs comes handy.

Educational Aspects

A diploma in information technology after high school can help you become a computer network technician. People who have completed graduation in other fields can also opt for the necessary certifications towards being a computer network technician. Later, they can apply for apprenticeship in network companies to get experience.

In addition, these technicians can complete certification courses and programs related to advance learning. Some common certifications include A+ certification, CompTIA A+, Network+ (HTI+) etc. With a rise in IT companies, there are excellent working opportunities for network technicians.

Career Growth

A computer network technician can move on to become a manager or a head of network when quality experience gets added to the resume. Project+ will help in a technician’s growth towards better career prospects, like moving as a project manager.

A computer network technician gets a decent 10 to 18 dollars per hour, plus additional benefits while working during weekends and on holidays. In addition, many computer network technicians offer independent services thereby making extra income as well.

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