Career Options: Civil Service and Banking Sector
Today, the private sector is growing tremendously. It has made various achievements and spread its network throughout the world. However, despite its popularity in today’s time, it could not shake the deep faith of people in the public sector jobs. Any individual would choose a government job over a private enterprise. The main reason behind this is the job security that the public sector has to offer. It not only gives you a handsome income but also provides you with exciting packages and a job security for the lifetime. You have ample amount of career options in public sector. The most coveted ones are the banking sector and the civil services. These career options are opted by maximum number of individuals today because of the respect and honour that the job attaches to it. Civil services are considered a top notch above than all the other career options. Being a part of this puts you far above others. Banking sector, because of its rising success graph has become the buzz word for the youth. Every year, thousands of students enrol themselves for various posts in public sector banks of India. The recent progress in the banking sector is the introduction of the CWE exams by IBPS in 2011.
Civil Services:
Civil service officers undertake the major responsibility of managing the bureaucracy.
There are various number of career options within this broad career field. IAS, IFS, IPS etc. all is highly coveted career choices of today.
Union Public Service Commission conducts the exams for recruitment in any job offered by civil services.
These exams thrive on current affairs and recruit the candidates on basis of their general awareness level and intelligence quotient.
Recruitment in any field in civil service usually follows three stages; preliminary exam, mains exam and interview. Only after clearing all the three stages, the candidates are undertaken for further training.
Banking Sector:
It has attracted the youth in large numbers due to its high success rate.
IBPS is an autonomous body that has undertaken the responsibility of recruiting capable candidates for public sector banks in India.
It has introduced the common written exam. This exam will be commenced in November 2011. It will be a common exam for the recruitment of bank po in 19 public sector banks.
Candidates can present their score card if any vacancy arises in any of these public sector banks. Score cards will be only given to those candidates who clear the CWE exam.

Bank job and civil services are both growing sectors. New establishments like CWE 2011, direct towards the growth and the popularity of these fields. Recruitment for both these sectors is a tough process and requires hard work.

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