New system of education has broadened the career options available for the youth of today. Every individual aims at reaching the apex of success which has led to stiff competition in every field of career. No company, sector or field is ready to compromise on the quality of its production and hence demands recruitment of the most capable and highly knowledgeable candidate. Precision has become the buzzword for all the growing sectores. Today, even fields which produce gems reqire highly qualified personnel because the world demands it. Below are some of the highly flourishing careers of today's time.
Career in Gemology:
In a country like India, which is full of cultural diversities and so many festivals, and where every woman is heavily dressed with jeweleries, a career in gemology will definitely be successful.
Gemology refers to the branch of specialists that grade gems and precious stones. Gemologists can easily appraise and analyze a gem stone, scrutinizing its varios elements and value.
There are many institutes and colleges in India that provide a course or diploma in gemology where you are taught to detect synthetics and treatments, describe color in gemstones, work with diamonds.
A career in gemology is the right choice to make, due to the jobs the field has to offer. You can become a member of International Gem Society or work in a jewellery shop or do further research work.

Career in Archaeology:
Archaelogy deals with analysis and documentation of material remains to understand human culture in various forms.
You need a graduation degree in Archaeology, Socialogy, physics, chemistry, zoology or botany in order to apply for the master's degree.
The work involves excavation on sites, cleaning the artefacts, preserving them and studying them.
You can work in musems, archives, tour guide, heritage manager, researcher etc.

Career in Architecture:
A career in Architecture is very prosperous. Architecture refers to the art of building and designing buildings and other physical structures.
There are many diploma courses for Architecture and Bachelor's Degree in Architecture offered by the top-notch colleges in India and also abroad.
However, one has to give the Architecture entrance exam in order to get into any of the universities or colleges.
Architecture has various branches. Landscape Architecture is the most popular career options amongst the youth today, throughout the world.

Architecture, Archaelogy and Gemology are various career options but all of them are growing at a fast pace and are giving stiff competition to academic or professional courses.

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