Today creativity is giving tough competition to academic courses. Students have a broadened sense of vision and are not merely following others in a herd. However, there is still a large strength of students who are unable to make decisions on their own. For them, the field of career is still confined to a few stereotypical career options which have dominated since early times. Career guidance is very essential for such students who do not give importance to their personal interests and potential. Careers like Jewellery Designing and Interior Designing are flourishing at a fast pace.
Career in Jewellery Designing:
Jewellery Designing is one of the most promising career choices of today's time.
In a country like India, jewelleries are every woman's dream. Especially during festive seasons, it is in high demand.
In such a scenario, jewellery designers have a wide variety of scopes and lot of job opportunities.
People who are imaginative and have an inclination towards producing new designs can take up this career option.
However, career guidance is required to choose the right field of jewellery designing.

Career in Interior Designing:
Interior Designing is a lucrative career option in today's time. It involves designing the interiors of homes, work places, institutes etc.
It deals with understanding the need of clients, creating a conceptual design, reviewing the design and producing a fine plan.
If you have the keen eye, a creative mind, and a vision to beautify interior spaces, this is your area.
There are many colleges in India today that provide degrees on interior designing. Since, there has been a boon in the retail industry in India, the demand of interior designers has risen.
One has many job opportunities in this field, from taking up projects, to working as designer for malls, hotels, other companies etc.

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