Health industry is the fastest growing industry not only in India but globally. In this age, where everybody is health conscious and the *zero size* figure is a big craze, health instructors and dieticians are in high demand. It is a glamorous world we are living in, and a good body leads to a good personality for which people make many efforts. With the growing standards of living, one also encounters various diseases and also various techniques to overcome the problems, physiotherapy is one such blessing for the people in pain and also growing as a viable career option.

Career as Health instructor
When you enter for an interview, what does the interviewer look at first? Your qualifications? Your job experience? No. the first thing they notice is your personality. The confidence with which you enter, the way you walk and talk. Confidence level is strongly related to health. A low confidence level many times is caused when one is conscious of his or her body. These days there are many career opportunities in the glamorous and fashionable world, where a fit body is an important pre-requisite; the work of a health instructor comes into picture here. Health instructor is high in demand with many people incline towards following a physically fit regime. There are many job opportunities in a career for health instructor, they can work in gyms, schools, colleges, start their own classes, become personal trainers and much more. They get handsome pays.

Career in physiotherapy
With the health industry flourishing as a career option, a career in physiotherapy is in high demand. It includes treatment of various ailments with the help of physical exercises. Many people are resorting to this treatment method as it has proven to be more effective and safer. Physiotherapy helps to improve movement dysfunction, promote optimal health, and functions of the human body. It involves assessment, maintenance and restoration of human body. A career in physiotherapy is challenging but lucrative at the same time. It is a relieving profession as it helps you give the power to relieve people from their pain and cure their illness.

A career in physiotherapy
and as a health instructor is very much in demand these days as physical activity is the solution to many physical and mental ailments and helps you grow as an individual. Therefore, health industry has many job opportunities to offer.

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