Dreams are great. You need something to aim for, and you should never sell yourself short by aiming small. But when you wake up from dreaming big, you need a plan to get there. Over more than a decade of research, I created a five-step system that is designed to get you from where you are in your career and life today, to wherever you want to be.

Whether you want to plan your career future, or just need structure to stay on track with career and education goals, career planning resources will help. You may find that goal setting transforms how you spend time and effort, ensuring that you are moving in the right direction. Learn about salary expectations and occupation licenses to better prepare for the next steps. Gain the confidence of knowing you are building a successful future.

Motivate yourself, plan and act to achieve your career goal. Once you’ve made a career decision – whether it’s to study for a qualification, look for a job, or change career – a plan will help you reach your goal. Your plan should list what you need to do. Write small, achievable steps and tick them off as you go to stay motivated. You may need to add to your list as you go. ACHNET provides you with a platform where you can connect to coaches who can help you with your career planning process.

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