Some of the professions are different from all others and yet offer substantial opportunities for the career aspirants to promote their career. With good sense of artistry combined with innovative imagination it is possible to prosper in the career of cartoonist and animator.

Career Profiles

Responsibilities entrusted to and carried out by cartoonist and animators are –

Creating graphic images;
Preparing animated movies;
Organizing animation television shows;
Building up video games with animation and cartoons;
Preparing attractive promotional ads with animation and cartoons;
Using the series of pictures for animation in such sequence that it generates the best impact on the viewers; and
Constantly conducting research and experiments on new types of product generation.
Skill Requirements

More than anything else the animator and cartoonist requires skills such as –

Drawing skills are important part of the job of cartoonist and animator.
A strong grasp of speaking pictures are also necessary.
Pictures should be appealing visually and they should understand the way people as well objects start interacting between each other.
In addition; they should put their drawings along with story lines, sound tracks, as well as special effects.
Working Patterns

Working pattern of the cartoonist and animator are different from others. Usually they work with a team of specialists. The team will contain a number of animators and cartoonists in different levels that includes in between animators, middle level animators, and top level animators. The latter would be the leader while the middle two would be the workers in the team. Such specialists working in the team would include –

Character animators;
Texture artists;
Lead animators;
Lighting specialists; and
Art directors.
Qualifications and Training

Qualifications and training required for the cartoonists and animators are –

A bachelor’s degree in arts;
Multimedia or animations;
Postsecondary course works;
Knowledge in 2D, 3D, and other types of animations;
Knowledge in Computer animations;
Knowledge in Game designs;
Knowledge in Visual effects; and
Knowledge in Traditional animations.
Some other courses required for the job of animators and cartoonists are choreography, history, life science, and geography that will help teaching of the animated world.

Job Opportunities and Earnings

Most of the jobs of animators are available in the film and video industries. Advertising, system designing, and web designing are other fields that offer substantial job opportunities. In different types of research works also their demands are pretty significant.

While the median income of the animators and cartoonists come in the range of $55,000 to $70,000, proficient animators can earn over $100,000 as well.

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