Growing concerns for the people regarding acquisition and use of properties have given rise to the requirements for good real estate appraiser. In addition, the recession that had hit the real estate market a couple of years ago is gradually waning and in result the job of appraiser has become even more pertinent for the people involved in real estate business or approaching the real estate market for buying or selling of properties.

Job Descriptions

Basically the job of the real estate appraiser is –
To provide the estimates of real estate properties during sell or purchase of the same;
They also offer the assessment when the property is likely to be mortgaged;
His or her work is similar to the assessor but much different in essence;
A real estate appraiser will take care of only one property at a time and not several properties.

Employment Opportunities

According to the statistics offered by the Bureau of Statistics of Labor in United States, there were as many as 92,000 real estate appraisers back in 2008. By now the number has exceeded 100,000. Job prospects are good in both public and private sectors though the number of opportunities available in the private sector is much greater in the private sector.

Education and Training

To pursue the career of Real Estate Appraiser the educational and training requirements are as follows –
A minimum of an associate degree is required.
Most of the appraisers have bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, mathematics, computer science, real estate laws, or business.
Also as per the law of the land all real estate appraisers must be certified in their respective state where they are pursuing the career.
For residential appraisers, associate degree will suffice whereas for the appraiser of commercial properties, a bachelor’s degree is required.
They should have continuous education to remain abreast of the legal status of the real estate properties in the market.

Growth Rate

Opportunities for the real estate appraisers are likely to grow in the same rate as all other jobs through 2018.

Median salary of the real estate appraiser in 2009 stood at $47,480 and is likely to cross over $50,000 by the end of 2011.

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