One of the fields where there will normally be no dearth of jobs is the job of secretary that offers excellent career opportunities for all concerned. It would be helpful for the career aspirants to learn about the secretary job and career prospects in the job with online degrees.

Changed Scenario

Technology has advanced so much today that the role of office workers have also have transformed completely. A crucial part of any establishment, the secretary is normally the centralized source of information. Many companies have diverted the traditional secretarial job of attending phones and processing words and they are now entrusted with many other duties.

Job Responsibilities

Basic job responsibilities of the secretaries are no longer limited to the traditional typing and phone call receiving. Some of the jobs carried out by them are –

* Coordinating the administrative aspects of the company.
* Centralized person that receives as well as delivers the information.
* He or she would use the phone, fax, scanner, cell phone, printer, Xerox, and compute for smooth performance of the duties entrusted.
* Many of the secretaries use the tool of video conferencing for the purpose.
* Secretaries are basically responsible for setting up programs, meetings, and conferences in the set up.

Executive Secretaries

Many types of secretaries are there and the two most common are legal and executive secretaries. The latter helps executive management by scheduling meetings, events, conferences, and seminars. In addition; they organize electronic files, power point presentations, and newsletters. Another important aspect of their duties is the travel arrangements. Communication skills are most important for them.

Online Training and Education

Almost every aspect of training and education of the secretaries taken care of by the brick and concrete classrooms are also covered by the online universities imparting training and education. Minimum of high school diploma or its equivalent is required and some vocational training is also required for the secretaries. Fortunately, for in job adults, such training and certification are available online and they are as qualitative as any of the land based academies. However, for most of them the International Association of Administrative Professionals and National Association of Legal Secretaries organize the certification tests.

Salaries and Earnings

With online degrees the secretaries can earn salaries in the range of $35,000-$60,000 or at the rate of $9.00 to $20.00 per hour. Even the lowest paid ones make around $25,000 per annum.

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