People who desire to build up a career as Ambulance Driver needs to find out a few things about it. It includes information about suitable works, duty hours, environment, skills required, training and education, as well as salary prospects.

Job Prospects

Ambulance driver’s job is available in both public and private sectors. In public sector government hospitals usually have more than one ambulance to meet emergent situations and to run them drivers will be obviously necessary. Besides the government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, and some humanitarian service provider NGOs also run ambulance services. Growing numbers of accidents, health hazards experienced by people all around, have resulted in consequentially growing demands for ambulances and job prospects for ambulance drivers have brightened up considerably.

Job Specifications

Basic jobs and responsibilities of the ambulance driver is –

Ambulance drivers are part of the ambulance crew that deals with emergency calls.
Ambulance services at times provide non-urgent transport for the patients.
Ambulance drivers are likely to work a minimum of 39-40 hours per week and they may not have any fixed timing. While shifts might have been arranged, they will have to remain alert for any possible emergent situation.
Special Responsibilities

Job of ambulance driver is different from the traditional vehicle drivers. It is necessary for them to drive in such manner that the patient does not suffer from jerks and jolts. At times they are supposed to carry out fast driving if the condition of the patient is critical or serious. Usually the ambulance will have blue light blinking on top of the roof and Ambulance written clearly on the front windscreen and back screen as well. It will also have a number of accessories and medical equipments loaded inside which will be required for the caretaking of the patient.

Educational Qualification and Training

Educational qualification and training of the prospective candidate should be that he or she-

Is 21 years or more in age;
Should have earned a high school diploma certificate;
Have a clear police check record;
A valid driving license and that should be free of penalty points; and
Should pass any interview or test conducted.
A proficient ambulance driver may earn in the range of $35,000-$40,000 per annum.

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