As every body know that in current market situation there is no chances for getting the job. So the rate of unemployment is increasing. As every years thousands of students get pass out their engineering and they are hunting for their job. Also in current situation there is a recession for job. Also they cant get the chance for facing an interview & also they cant get the job opportunity. Even if for getting a chance to face an interview they have to wait for months or it could be an even years. So to resolve this situation and after analyzing this all problems. Our institute namely Panacea Institute Of Information Technology(Piit) has started a Job guaranteed training in PHP assistance. As Piit is also a software development & training institution. Due to this every student can get the knowledge in PHP & he can become a practically expert & he can learn all the concepts from the professional industrialized experts. So that he can work independently & perfectly in industry. So that his career will be bright & future.

As the scope of PHP is increasing day by day. And many companies are recruiting the candidates for PHP technology. Also the PHP is a good & easy scripting languages as compared to other programming languages. As the starting salary for PHP is not so good. But once you get the knowledge of PHP & you become a expert in that. Then your future will be bright as you are expecting.

As we have started a PHP Training in our institute. Also while starting a institute our main intention was to become a expert/strong in Practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Because most companies prefer practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. So we are providing 100% knowledge on practical than theoretical knowledge. Also in our institute the teaching staff are experts they have a experience in PHP more than 10 yrs. Also they are from professional software company. So you can avail this great opportunity in our institute. Also we provide training on latest technologies such as PHP/MYSQL/ASP.NET/SEO/FLASH/WEB DESIGN/SOFTWARE TESTING etc.

And you can easily get the job in PHP. If you are strong in PHP & if you are good in logic & if you have strong solving algorithms. Then you can easily get the job. If you don't have these all skills. Then we will train you & we will teach you what are the skills to be required to become a good PHP Programmer. SO that companies may hire you.

Also our institute may provides a training on soft-skills means we provides you a training on interview skills. Means we teach you on How to face an interview and what are the skills to be develop while going for an interview. So that you may easily crack an interview stage .And also we guides you on Resume means How your resume must be in. And in what format .SO that your resume will get shortlisted from thousands of student list.

Finally at last these all features will cover up in our institute for Job guaranteed training in PHP. So that you may become expert in PHP. And once you complete your training period in PHP then you may easily get the job. As our institute is also a Software development & training company then after completing a training period. We will provide a 100% job placement for students. So that the rate of unemployment will be reduced. As its not a joke to get a job for freshers in current market situation.

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The Panacea Institute of Information technology(piit) provides a PHP Training with guaranteed on job training facilities. It also provides a training on latest technologies such as ASP.NET,MYSQL,Client server training, Internet Training, IT services and solutions to organizations across the globe with a strong focus on quality standards and proven technology processes. And it also includes a Implementation of Live projects.& also you can learn from our industry based senior experts.Also our institute is a ISO Marked institute.And it also recognized as one of the TOP company. Also we have a more partnership with recruiters.& we also give you a training on Soft-skills. Means How to face an interview & How to write a resume while you are going for an interview.