There are many things we consider before we choose a partner for life – good personality, good looks, attitude, career and so on. Unfortunately, quite often it doesn't end as we hoped it will - you know “happily ever after” and stuff and there are many factors to blame.According to research carried by Radford University there are more than 10 careers that are likely to lead to divorce. So it is worth checking this out and keep it in mind when a sexy bartender comes your way.

Here is a list of some of those careers that are more likely to wreck your marriage.

1. Dancers and Choreographers. This group comes first. What are the possible reasons why the marriage of dancers doesn't work out, I am not quite sure. It might be the fact that they sometimes travel a lot, work late nights and spend hours of preparation and training. They also might be very consumed with how their bodies look like and might lead a lifestyle that puts pressure on everyone else in the family (dieting, etc.).

2.Bartenders. If you have ever asked yourself, whether you should marry your bartender, I hope now you have your answer. According to this research they are not the marrying kind and with their type of job, working hours and all that is going on around them, are probably not the partner you can count on.

3.Massage therapists are also quite unfortunate when it comes to divorce rates – whole 38,22% rate.

According to the same research the high divorce rates related to these careers was caused by the nudity at work. Probably working with semi-nude (dancers) or completely nude people (clients of massage therapists), is affecting the marriage of many in some ways. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is touching other people for a living, or is serving them alcohol, be careful and think twice before marrying them.

4. Police officers, nurses, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are more likely to get divorced too. Maybe carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, puts a burden on your marriage too. The level of devotion required to do your job well, whether it is protecting and serving or listening to patients, is probably one reason why the family always goes second.

5.Telephone operators also have quite high rates of divorce. One possible explanation for this is the odd working times most of these have. Some call centre lines are open 24/7 which is not family friendly at all. Besides, spending hours talking to people is exhausting and probably the last thing you would want to do upon arrival at home is starting a conversation.

Therefore, these are some of the occupations that you might want to avoid if you want a stable healthy family. Working on call, and doing odd night shifts is also not very advisable. Sometimes, you do have to choose between a career and a family and you need to get your priorities right, because if you want to have a family it is probably not a great idea to become a dancer. Not to mention that if you are a woman pregnancy is a whole other issue. That is not to say, of course, that you should become a cleaning maid (according to the research those were with the lowest divorce rates) and according to cleaners Kew that is really the case, however there are other careers that are family-friendly – you just need to find yours.

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