What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is a trained medical professional that provides medical care, living assistance, companionship, and family care relief for a person who is in need.
What can a caregiver do and how do they help with the quality of a patient’s life?

A patient could require hospital aftercare or suffer from a terminal illness. They might be at an age where frail care is required as well.
With the stress of everyday life, sometimes helps is needed to cope.

Even simple errands like going to the grocery store can cause stress on a family. This stress can lead to a patient not have the quality of life that they wished to have in the comfort of their home.

Another advantage with a professional carer is that they are medically trained to administer medications and vital sign such as blood pressure testing, diabetic sugar levels and more.
There are also financial advantages to having a patient in the comfort and surroundings of their own home. The costs of seniors’ homes and lengthy hospital recoveries can add up. They are also not always covered by medical insurance. Home care can be a great option.

Carers can also provide companionship, help with light housework and meals, and provide light exercise.
This not only helps the patient but can give the entire family a better quality of life.

How do you hire a home caregiver?

Caregivers or carers often can be arranged through private agencies who have a great deal of experience. They try to find the best match to meet family’s needs.

Costs can vary depending on the hours or days needed and the duties that are provided. A good home care agency would arrange an in-person consultation which is usually free of charge.
It is a good idea to maybe write down the needs of your loved one and a rough idea of hours or days that might be scheduled. Once they have an idea of what is needed, the may ask to see the patient.

A family doctor might also be able to assist in the process to make sure that the patient is covered from a medical point of view.

The biggest thing that a family needs to realize is that planning can be easier with professionals who have been down this road many times. The goal is to make the patient comfortable and be in a home environment with dignity and respect.

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