Congratulations, now you are a mommy!

The first month can be very tiring and joyous at the same time, mommy. Don’t worry; as we all have been there and you will get through as well, but do take care of yourself.

You need the strength to look after your newborn and remember the baby needs to remain healthy just like you.

We recommend not to compromise with your Health after labor. We have discussed it in details in this post and advise you to read it till the end to get a comprehensive view of the entire procedure.

How To Care For Health After Labor?

It does not take long for parents to understand that babies have different clock settings. Nevertheless, they need constant feeding, changing and comforting. So, how do you look after yourself after a harrowing labor? Here are a few tips that will help you with that:

Nutrition - A mother's body has experienced numerous progressions during pregnancy and she needs to recuperate from her labor experience. Notwithstanding rest, all moms need to eat healthy while trying to do so.

Regardless of whether they breastfeed or use formula, all moms need to eat a well. Most lactation specialists prescribe breastfeeding moms ought to eat whenever they are famished. Yet, numerous moms might be so drained or occupied that they tend to overlook nourishment for them. We have compiled a list of healthy food items they should incorporate in their everyday regime, like:

 Proteins – May be low fat like nuts, peas, soya, fish and beans, but they are a must while recovering.

 Grains – Include whole grains like wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, barley and cornmeal in your meals.

 Vegetables – Green leafy, starchy, legumes and orange vegetables should be a regular item on your platter.

 Fruits – Add fresh fruits to your diet, but you can have canned, frozen, dried and even juices.

• Rest – To be honest, you may not get straight 8 hours of sleep at this time. Your baby needs your care constantly and some may even keep you awake at night. Here are a few pointers that can help you take some time off:

 As most prescribe, sleep when the baby sleeps
 Place your baby beside your bed to able to save some steps
 Doing so, can help you nurse them right away
 Seek help if you can, be it family, friends or if you can afford paid care giver
 Go outside for a couple of minutes and soak in the fresh air

• Exercise – Just like any new mother, you would be apprehensive to shed off the extra kilos you may have gained during your pregnancy. So, what do you do then? Read this section carefully:

bWalk if you can for a few minutes when you are out in the open
 If your doctor has allowed to do light exercises, then continue with them
 In other words, remain physically active (as it is, a baby will keep you on your toes)

• Behave like a family – You may not get enough time to spend with your spouse, which could be very depressing at times. Don’t be stressed and just communicated like a family. You can talk to them while managing your chores or tending the baby. These are your early days of being a family and you will soon learn how to be one. Yes, you may not be able to spend quality time like a couple, as you used to, but isn’t this is what you wanted when you planned for a baby? We may not know what the actual experience will be like and you will soak it in with time. Don’t get worked up.

• General guidance – This segment will enlighten you all the more with a series of things that you may need to know for recuperating after labor. Take these as a starting point:
 Follow up your with your first visit to your obstetrician
 Wait for this visit and let your doctor tell you when to have intercourse
 Talk freely about birth control with your doctor
 Avoid using tampons for the first 4 to 6 weeks post your delivery (especially if you had vaginal birth)
 If you had C-section, then do not lift anything heavier than your baby
 Keep away from caffeine and alcohol
 Eat healthy as mentioned earlier
 Stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water
 Try to cut down on climbing stairs
 Baby care should be kept simple at this stage, like you can just clean their hands, genitalia and face, as your baby does not need to be bathed regularly
 You may have guests over for the baby, but you don’t have to keep your house perfect like it used to be, this is not the time and people will understand
 Sit back and relax whenever possible

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

New and experienced parents understand that infants require a great deal of work. Meeting the consistent needs of a baby takes a lot of energy, time and can keep parents from different obligations in the home.

Albeit numerous guardians do fine without anyone else, having another person assisting with the family unit duties generally makes the change in accordance with another infant less demanding.

Aides can be friends, companions or even a paid provider. It could be the new infant's grandma or aunt that can be used as an assortment of administrations, from nursing consideration of the new mother and infant to housekeeping and care for other children.

Just keep this in mind that whoever you choose to have as partners, make certain to clarify every one of the things you expect them to fulfill.

It is by and large best for the new mother to be relieved of all obligations with the exception of the caring for her Health after labor along with her infant. This will enable you, as the new mother to deal with yourself and help your spend more time with your infant.

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