The comfort that our pillows bring constitutes on how well we sleep at night. This comfort can only be achieved if our pillows are in the right quality and this means that it is still close to its original state when first bought. Of course, just like our sheets, pillows get dirty as well while we use it. So it is important to make sure that you clean and maintain your pillow very well. Note that wrong cleaning procedures may result to further damage.

One of the most common pillow types is cotton pillow. Cotton pillows are known for being soft and comfortable while being sturdy at the same time. It is also known for being durable which means that it can last quite a long time. Cotton pillows are also usually the most reasonably priced pillows in the market today. Although, there are some that appear to be cheaper and usually this is because it is not 100% cotton. To get that comfortable feel and durability it is best to get the ones that are made from 100% cotton. Taking care of your cotton pillow can be divided into two categories: everyday maintenance and through cleaning.

Everyday Maintenance
When we lie down on cotton pillows for a long period of time such as, during night time, these sometimes end up being deformed. This is natural since we put some weight on it. However, if we keep it that way without re-fluffing it, it might end up totally losing its shape. To keep its original shape, every morning, just fluff the pillow from all sides. This does not only retains the shape of the cotton pillow but also removes the loose dead skins cells that we shed every night. This also keeps dust mites away and therefore, prolongs its life.

Thorough Cleaning
The first phase of thorough cleaning involves changing and washing the pillowcase. It is recommended that you do this at least every two weeks or every week. The pillowcase is what protects the pillow from dirt and other particles and this is also the first thing that absorbs these dirt and particles. Keeping the cases clean will lessen the probability that your cotton pillow will absorb dirt.

The second phase of thorough cleaning involves washing the entire cotton pillow. Most cotton pillows are machine washable which is why most people prefer cotton pillows. It is recommended to use a mild detergent to wash the pillow. After washing, some can be dried using the machine dryer but you need to air dry it still to make sure that it is completely dry. This should be done at least every 4-6 months depending on the usage.

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To be sure, check the cotton pillow care label for detailed instructions and follow it to the dot.