Kookaburra cricket bats are indexed by the grade of wood used before they leave the producer. They are produced from mainly three kinds of wood, Poplar, Kashmiri Willow and English Willow.

The establishment of willow as the wood of preference used to make cricket bats began in the early 1800’s, when round-arm bowling took over as rule as opposed to the exception. This is the same wood whose bark powder has been touted throughout history as being a remedy for fevers. Today, a special hybrid of “cricket-bat willow” is cultivated specifically for producing bats

Just about all cricket bats that are delivered back as faulty are actually damaged simply because they haven't been prepared and looked after properly. The repair of your damage would be the responsibility on the owner, not the supplier or even the manufacturer. A true fault would arise from weak willow which may not be evident until playing with it and gives almost immediately even when fully knocked in. Faults are extremely rare, but occasionally appear in natural products. Any damage which occurs during use is viewed individually and referred to the manufacturer for their opinion if required.

Caring for cricket bats is relatively simple, the most important point being that bats cannot be kept in areas where they'd dry out, as in car boots or alongside a heat source. The right spot to keep bats is in a cool, dry environment which allows them to take in a tiny bit of natural moisture.

The very last thing which it is essential to keep in mind is all cricket bats are affected from small surface cracks over a period of time and this is normal for many cricket bats of any make. The cracks are not a problem and do not change the performance of the bat. Gentle sanding and re-oiling can remove these cracks and a lot of specialist cricket retailers and suppliers will offer you a cricket bat reconditioning service if this is required.

You can now buy cricket bats online cheaper than you can offline, as online retailers tend to have fewer expenses associated with their businesses and so can offer cheaper prices and discounts. Also most offer guarantees on the bats so you can give it back in the event the size or weight is not quite what you need. A handy tip; if you observe a brand new bat you like call at your local store, examine the size, weight, feel and pickup, then order online, so you'll get precisely what you want and save money in the process.

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