Carl Jung was the only person who managed to really discover the accurate meaning of dreams. My work proves this truth to the world. It also gives new solutions to problems that had no solution before.

By translating the meaning of your own dreams you are going to find salvation from despair, sound mental health, peace, and wisdom. This is guaranteed because your doctor is the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams; and not an ignorant human being.

It is true that our dreams are sent by God. God’s existence was already scientifically proven a long time ago. However, the greed and the insanity of our world leaders cannot accept recognizing this truth. Whatever goes against their interests is hidden. Or, it is distorted by many impostors, with the intention to mislead the public.

The world leaders are the big companies that are destroying our planet with the pollution they cause. They are powerful because they hold the global economy in their hands.

Scientists like the biologist Paul Weiss showed us in 1962, that we need a creator in order to explain the perfect functionalism of the human body. There are no answers for many questions, unless we recognize the fact that our body was created by a genius who calculates things that the human intelligence cannot calculate.

There is numerous scientific proof of God’s existence. There are also practical proof. However, the atheism that characterizes our absurd civilization is maintained by the greed of our world leaders. They prevent our population from paying attention to significant scientific discoveries that prove God's existence.

On the other hand, human beings don’t want to obey God’s rules. They don’t want to transform their personalities. They prefer to ignore what is bad in their personalities, and in turn, what is bad in the world.

This happens because, we, human beings, are basically crazy from birth. We have inherited a huge primitive conscience, the anti-conscience, which is a true monster. It occupies the biggest part of our brain. The anti-conscience is our animal personality.

Our tiny human conscience is also absurd because it is one sided. It must be developed through consciousness. We are not able to find peace and sound mental health alone. We need God's guidance.

Now that you know this basic truth, keep a dream journal. Dream therapy is your salvation from despair. It has already saved many people from suffering since Carl Jung discovered the healing power of dreams. I myself have cured many people through dream translation since 1990.

This method works for all cases; no matter if you are depressed, neurotic, or if you suffer from a severe mental illness. Dream therapy will work for you even if you have a physical problem.

You simply have to be humble. Respect the unconscious wisdom, and you will find salvation. The unconscious mind saves you from all misfortunes.

Write down your dreams everyday, and follow my lessons, so that you may easily understand their meaning. Even a single dream image will already give you an important message.

For example, if you’ll see a snake in a dream, this dream symbol is already revealing by itself. You only have to relate it to what is happening to your life. The snake is a bad event that will put an end to a mistake you keep making. You are insisting on doing something bad that affects your life.

Pay attention to the unconscious guidance in your dreams. Don’t insist on doing it your way. Only if you are obedient, can the unconscious mind help you get out of trouble. If you insist on doing what generates your own suffering, how can you find salvation?

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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