If you are a carpet owner for sure you have been fed up to the gills with damaged carpeting and rugs. Before you think up of costly replacement, let a restoration professional take a look at it. At Hector’s magic carpet, we have proven results for all kinds of damaged carpeting.

We can offer all types of carpet repair; carpet repair and carpet burns, carpet rips and tears, as well as carpet stretching. Our specialist team can address wrinkling and repairs, permanent stains, open or raveled seams, discoloration, and yarn or tufts that are pulled or missing. The vast majority of carpet repairs can be accomplished affordably and quickly. With our extensive experience and training, we are in a position to accurately assess your damage.

Carpet burns and holes

For holes and burns it might become necessary to remove and patch the damaged area with a replacement piece. If there are any remnants from the original installation we can use this to form a perfectly matched patch. If those remnants are not available we can take a small piece from a hidden area and use it to mend your patch. We carefully match the direction of the nap and restore the natural look of the fibers, thereby ensuring that the carpet repair is seamless and undetectable.


Rippling or wrinkling can be easily fixed up. Uncorrected wrinkling can often lead to uneven wear and permanent damage to the backing. These problems should be addressed by you at the earliest. We have all the special tools and equipment needed for effectively stretching your installed carpet. We follow established procedures to effectively stretch your carpet installation in all the directions. All of our stretching work is top notch and among the best in the business.

Carpet rips and tears

If there are rips and seams that are raveling they should immediately be dealt with. When the seam separates and the backing is torn the fibers can quickly begin to pull away. With our carpet repairing solutions rips and ravels will be stopped from spreading and there will not be any trace of damage.


If stubborn stains are the main problem, we have different kinds of treatment options that might seem viable to you. Our solutions are more effective than DIY household fixes. We are able to completely eradicate most of the stains that plague your carpets. Bank on us to do away with the stains.

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