Traveling is exhausting, especially for those who travel a lot. Although long traveling hours and constant movement tend to suck the gorgeousness out of everyone, somehow, there are few of those who get out of the plane or car as if they just been to the beauty salon. Looking fresh, neat and stylish while traveling is a matter of choice and just a little bit of clever prep. Carry-on baggage should be your beauty first aid kit, so without it, you risk looking like any other chewed-up backpacker with sunburns. If you truly care about how you look, then traveling time is not a timeout, but a great opportunity to perfect your traveling beauty routine.

Antibacterial Gel

Not much of a beauty item, but quite necessary once you start your journey. Airports, planes and all other places full of travelers like you are teeming with bacteria. Think how often you unconsciously touch your face. Aside from obvious health reasons, a small package of this gel will prevent any skin infection. The last thing you want is to end up with a rash or an infamous travel pimple.


Regular quick check-ups, while you are sitting comfortably, are less of a trouble than looking for a toilet mirror with hideous bluish neon lights. Everyone looks like a terminal patient under those. Get one of those fabulous travel mirrors, since they are durable and accented with lights (battery-powered). Mirrors with light are handy items, whether for a trip or just for the night out.

Hair stuff

Good small hairbrush and a few hair bands will come to rescue, to make a high ponytail, if your freshly blown hair ends up a bit messy or dull. Along with these quick hair fix solutions, consider bringing dry shampoo, even if you’ve never used it before. If your schedule is tight, it is most likely that you won't have enough time to wash and style your hair. Dry shampoo will make your hair look clean and fresh.

Cleansing Tonic

Traveling is a reason more to look after your skin and to keep it clean. Pack what you normally use, whether it is a cleansing tonic, micellar water or cleansing milk. Use it as you normally would to clean your pores and remove dead skin. Since there are great cleansing products on the market, consider getting a cleansing stick when traveling. It will keep your skin clean, while it is solid enough not to leak inside your bag.


It is a must have at all times, so make sure to pack your favorite and most effective concealer that will stay where it is supposed to stay. Look for smart makeup items like a primer and concealer combo. While primer will smooth your skin and fill in fine lines, concealer will camouflage those dark eye circles and conceal other imperfections.


Along with your travel meds, vitamins and diet supplements, make sure to bring your beauty enhancements. Whether it is for hair, nails or skin, carry on with your routine and continue to nourish your body. If traveling back and forth saps your energy enough to affects your health and looks, look for the best marine collagen in Australia that will strengthen your whole body, boost the immune system and reduce fine lines.

Makeup set

Try to form your perfect makeup capsule that consists of few, but perfect items. You know, powder, eyeliner, mascara that does the trick immediately, eyeshadow palette for no makeup impression or full makeup effect, and one or two lipsticks. Make sure to match the colors with the outfits you carry along. And don’t forget to remove your make up at night.

Rollerball perfume

A perfect item for long travel, easy to pack and easy to apply, without spraying passengers around. Hours in a plane can make you smell not very alluring, so to eliminate the unpleasant odor a pack of wet wipes and rollerball perfume can make you smell like a summer breeze in the middle of the stuffy plane. Choose light and refreshing fragrance that will lift up your mood.


Being stylish and beautiful usually doesn’t take much of a time once you have all you need at your arms reach. The cleverly packed carry-on bag will help you maintain your good looks even in the longest of flights, so make sure to pack your carry-on first. Shine and be attractive in the most unlikely places and when least expected, like exactly when traveling.

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