If you are looking to assess leadership in your company dont settle for a traditional performance evaluation carried out by a member of management. 360 degree feedback offers an in-depth assessment from a number of sources, exposing areas for development which may otherwise have been missed.

What is 360 feedback?
360 degree feedback is a performance evaluation method which offers an in-depth assessment of an employees performance and behaviour. 360 degree feedback differs from a traditional performance appraisal or evaluation as it gathers specific feedback from a number of sources with whom one works. Feedback can be completed by a manager, peers, colleagues, clients and stakeholders, and then compiled, giving a more rounded impression of performance than any other type of performance review. 360 degree feedback offers an unrivalled level of insight, often unveiling areas of concern or for improvement which may have been missed in a review conducted by management alone. This form of performance evaluation is ideal for assessing leadership qualities and how those leaders are perceived by their teams; an effective way to forge development within the management of a company.
But wont my staff be hurt or upset by this kind of feedback?
Because this type of feedback is so thorough it tends to be received more personally than any other type of performance appraisal, so it is really important to mentally prepare those receiving it, for the data which they may receive.
A simple process of depersonalisation will allow the subject being assessed to take any perceived criticism in a constructive manner and prevent them becoming upset or deflated by the experience. As well as protecting them from potentially hurt feelings, a depersonalisation process carried out by a specially trained manager or coach allows feedback to be better digested and ensures the 360 degree feedback promotes effective development.
How is 360 degree feedback carried out?
Specialised surveying software has been designed by psychological experts who conduct performance evaluations in the corporate environment. Surveys carried out this way are anonymous, efficient and effective, offering open questions to prompt text comments and closed questions requesting quantitative ratings. You will be offered a choice of competencies to include, which can be tailored to desirable traits for your company. The questionnaire results will be compiled into a report, from which people can develop their areas for improvement.
360 degree feedback questionnaires can be fully customised with your brand and style, your own assessment framework and questions targeting your desired competencies and your own level of after-support for the subject. 360 degree feedback is not merely performance evaluation but an ongoing development project. You have the option of allowing your people to develop their leadership and management using an online interactive workbook or coaching sessions, and follow-on progress will be measured with development tracking tools.
How can I learn more about 360 degree feedback?
Performance evaluation of this kind is best carried out by a company which has HR expertise to support the process fully and with additional online tool or coaching support added in where needed. It is a highly personal process which requires business experience. The tools and software must be engaging and well-developed, and the performance evaluation process should be complemented by resources for development afterwards.

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Talent Innovations are psychological consultants who specialise in providing tools to improve performance management in the corporate environment. They develop individual growth through their coaching, training and competency modelling services which focus on 360 degree feedback methods.
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