No matter if we approve that or not, the social networks, particularly Facesbook, are catching all areas of social life. Facebook came to be public service No 1, associates you with individuals you know, you knew in some point of your life or with individuals you don’t know, but as well allows for information about lots of current happenings in your surrounding and around the world. Associations, organisations, markets, stars, even schools and kindergartens, select Facebook as a way to promote them selves. It appears that television and newspapers no longer have the essential ability of influence, so this social network has unquestionably accepted the epithet of a most effective way for self-promotion.

Besides all the gains that this network affords to its costumers, the public many times talks about the bad sides of this wonder. And at the same time while some are retaining to the fact that individuals are wasting their precious time, following the living of someone else, some accent the existence of some type of “rpg games” on the network. Individuals are many times presenting themselves as somebody else to accomplish different intentions, but for the most time, with a purpose to come in incognito in one’s living and to analyze him nearly, checking out about his living and his habits. End if some group of individuals does this, if it could be said, clean-handed and without any further contrives, another group is really alarming and has criminal plans like killings, kidnapping, stealing, and the possible victims are most many times kids.

These days, if you were not informed before, you were apparently asking your self why unexpectedly you can’t identify any of your friends on their profile pictures. You have Tinker Bell, Cinderella or Spiderman as a friend, or maybe the Smurfs…, users are changing their profile photos to images of their beloved childhood cartoon characters. Primarily this was an action of the Facebook users in Greece and Cyprus. They proposed changing profile picture with cartoon character, so that no human face stays as a profile picture, from the 16th to the 20th of November. Additionally this request got a new charitable importance, it’s a call for movement. The switch to cartoon characters actually is a part of an attempt to fight child abuse. The main purpose of this request is to fight against Violence to Children and the aim is everyone to have a cartoon character as a profile picture till the 7th of December.

Maybe it appears that this is not such a big thing but the truth is that every small step that could remind us that we should take care of the tenderest group of people, is very substantial.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.