Cascading Cash Flow
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I play today in a cascading cash flow collaborating awesome sapience hallowing forthright omnipotent willingness correlating affluent superstar charisma.

Cultivating dauntless determination ignites bold bright newborn gallantry to realize play is prayer unlocking peace unsheathing prosperity revving-up awe-inspiring.

Yeses energizing revolutionizing my bodacious brashness to brand universal landscape enhancing the dance of worldwide success for folks enticing their nouveau riche imagination.

Because I enlivened my intuitive jive electrifies my aliveness to jack-up people’s preeminent prominence to see over the mountains and across the oceans to see the universe.

As a pristine prospering potion as I smooth sooth and schmooze scenery with my omniscient lotion that enlightens the night with my starring sunlit wit turns on.

My Northern Lights of my intrepid insight that all my boundaries I perceive is me deceiving me because of worn out beliefs of the social orders poverty consciousness.

As I now understand belief begins with belie the surface is a dormant thief hiding to nullify me from receiving my cascading cash flow in a selfish stalemate way.

Because I pulled my visionless visor over my eyes disallowed me from becoming wiser caused my conscious mind to be unsighted and cynical about the world.
As the word of the day was have faith believe and my beliefs are absolute in moving my life forward was the baloney sandwich I was fed as I ended up in a bed of dread.

As now I realize faith believe and my beliefs were robber barons in my inner scenery because faith believe and my beliefs have let me down in previous adventures.

So now they are all playing together in my lush meadows of retirement to never ever play in my fields of dreams.

Because I choose to entrust the grand gloriousness of my giant geniusness to trust my soothsayer talents in a shake of a lamb’s tail authorizes and allows me to hear the wisdom.

In any conversation speak in sapience in all communiqué and expand my fortitude to see the world as sea of savvy energized astuteness every morning.

When my entrepreneurial eyes open dawns a new day to whoop it up broadening my rainbow brilliance to understand my visions are vibrantly vivid in my mind’s eye.

When I lay my innovative wise on the pillow to rest with a zest I am the very best every day as I embark on new voyage of enterprising endeavors.

Popping opening my peerless oratory personifying pure inspired novelties galvanizing my heart’s to dart a daring ardent realization triumphantly saying in a stouthearted way.

I have never sacrificed anything because I understand when I expand my wisdom I let go of sacrifice sanctions me to opens out my mountain of miracles.

Sacrifice is my ego tries/tried to punish me in lollygagger sham-a-drama so instead I choose to reach deep inside emancipate my galvanized gutsiness to expand thru the pathway playing.

A royal flush of prudent acumen tenaciously high-rolling my wise adroit yah-zing zeal to say I now travel the roads of robust omnific audacious determination of steadfast sassiness.

Because to me I am a vanguard warrior free to travel the roads less traveled with sledge hammer gavel to crush the rocks into pebbles seeing the rocks on my pathway.

Socked my egotistical mind into fears so I stared back with vigorous valor so my fears panicked they sunk in a funk then dunked and plunked into the sewer system.

To never ever be heard from again so I unbridled my undaunted titan swinging my stalwart jack hammer pulverizing the rocks into cement with my savvy spiritual feistiness.

Trolleying my paths into frolicking rollicking smooth as glass promised land because I understand all my pain in the butts on my road to rapture are in my cranium creations.

So now in the p-o-w of now I release one and all into the dark night to never be bothersome again as I recognize the prodigious prowess of.

My super highway exalting my gallivanting geniusness to say my rocky paths of challenges are prolific suave prophecy expressways of new-fangled sagacity.

To show the people of the world rocks are raw cement just like challenges and worries are unprocessed shrewdness.

As my challenges and worries trolled my cement they both smoothed out opening the way from my runaway allowing.

My rocket ship of success to blast off into my life of lavish luxury because I let go get rich quick itch that created.

My sudden inflamed bitching about everything on the road to my chosen experiences hitched my butt to an old rut in my subliminal countryside exposing my rotten unscrupulous torment.

In my rock hard bone-headedness that blocked my pathway transformed me into demented louse with a fermented dementia with my head up my derriere is now gone like a 1968 prairie fire.

Blatantly heats up my feats freeing expansive affluent thaumaturgy synchronizing my divine playfulness with my adventurous sage to explore the worlds wonders.

With the curiosity of talisman toddler seeing the world as way of realizing love daring me to dream sew gigantically causing to me quake in my boots filling my pants smiling.

All the way to the bank to deposit my pouring currency streams into my prosperity accounts because I choose to show the world I won my game of cascading cash flow since I choose.

To be audacious awesome awe-inspiring in my morals ethics expressing my liberating libretto in an animated Olay way today and every day in a proud loud way and in divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
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