There are different types of nutritious foods on earth. People across the globe make use of these foods in their daily diet in order to lead a healthy life. From time immemorial fruits have been considered as an important source of nutrition for both human beings and animals. Even in modern times when technology reins high it is impossible to undermine the importance of fruits in maintaining a good health. Nuts are rich in nutritious content and can be eaten raw or can be used in different cuisines. Cashew Nuts, however, differ from other nuts in many respects and especially in nutritional value. As a result these nuts have become a favorite of a large number of health conscious people who consume these nuts on regular basis.

The production of cashew

These nuts are nowadays mostly produced in dedicated orchards mainly in Asia and Africa. Though this cashew tree is a native of north east South America most of the production of cashew nowadays comes from outside the continent. Nigeria, India and Ivory Coast are the largest producer of these nuts as of now but these ranks change every year depending on the total cashew output of a country. A cashew tree may take around three years to produce the first nut and can even take up to eight years for economic harvests. With the development of technology several new agricultural techniques have been employed in order to increase the productivity and to curtail the possibility of incurring losses due to the attack of pests.

Uses of cashew

These nuts have become an important part of most of the modern cuisines. Cashew is however, most commonly used in Indian dishes, especially in sweets and deserts. Ten percent of the body weight of the nuts comes from the starch contained in them. The starch content in cashew is much more than other types of nuts. This is why cashew is used in large part of Asia as a method of thickening liquid dishes like meat stews, soups and other deserts. However, the outer shell of these nuts is toxic in nature and this is why removed before the nuts are sent to the market. In some African countries cashew is also used to make cakes that are mainly composed of cashew powders and smashed potatoes. The juice from the cashew is widely popular in the countries in South America.

Buying Cashew Nuts is not at all hard nowadays. These nuts are widely available in the local stores. Salted nuts are generally specially processed and sold by food processing companies. However, it is important to check the date of packaging and the best to use tenure that are imprinted on the packet before making a purchase. It is to be kept in mind that both larger branded products as well as locally marketed products are available in the market. Therefore, buyers can choose from a wide range of options. The can also order for the nuts over the internet in an online grocery store.

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