Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant and has an extensive history that goes back into the Egyptian times. At first, the oil was only used for its laxative actions, mostly incorporated into medicines as it is odorless and tasteless.
Later, when all its benefits started to uncover, organic castor oil became an important part of all household items, and it became a necessity of every home!
To treat and cure all skin issues
Castor oil for skin is an integral part of any good skin care regime. The oil is extremely compatible with all skin types and treats every issue effectively and efficiently.
Even though the oil is thick in consistency, it gets absorbed into the skin layers quickly and reaches the innermost skin cells. Even with a dense consistency, the oil does not thick to the skin surface and can easily be washed off.
Castor oil, when applied, locks moisture into the skin cells, which prevents the problem of drying and dehydrated skin. Moisturized skin also means that the process of skin aging is slow.
Massaging the oil into the skin results in the removal of all toxins from the cells and vessels. With the toxins and waste products removed, the skin cells can breathe properly and function to its fullest.
To lighten the dark circles around the eyes
Best castor oil is compatible with sensitive facial regions such as the skin around the eyes, which is extremely delicate. The oil accelerates the generation of new skin cells which replace the old dark ones and lighten skin.
Massaging the oil into the dark circle skin area also releases stress stuck in the skin cells and makes eyes look fresh and healthy.
Prevents infection development and cures existing infections
The ingredients of USDA organic cold-pressed castor oil are known to impart anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions which increase the natural immunity of the body and aids in combating all infectious agents.
When the oil is massaged into the skin layers, it goes into the skin pores and cleans out all the microbes stuck there. That results in extensive cleansing of the body.
Another technique by which the oil reduces the chances of inflammation is by improving the blood circulation of the body. With improved blood circulation, the expulsion of toxins from the body is efficient, which causes less accumulation.
Accumulated toxins give a healthy environment for the infection-causing agents to grow.

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