Workplace with casual environment usually follows “neither to be overdressed nor to be underdressed” thumb rule. For example, IT is one of those industries where wearing less formal dress code or business casuals is considered as appropriate. Similarly, in startup-like environments, casuals or business casuals are mostly preferred.

Leading recruiter watches the dress code selected by the candidate while they enter for the interview. Even if your plan is to wear business casual dress code for an interview, it is very important to put in the right effort while shortlisting the outfit. Therefore, let’s have a look at some casual interview outfit options for males suggested by the best employment agency.

Top wear:

Shirts: Long-sleeved and button-down shirts in a light color with simple design generally look attractive. The best colors to choose are white, light blue, light grey, light brown, light pink, mauve, etc. Candidates can also go for denim shirts as it also gives a classy look.

Sweaters and blazers: Sweaters and blazers are considered as optional. If you wish to wear them, then selecting dark colored sweaters or semi-formal blazers over light colored shirts are preferable.

Bottom wear:

Trouser: Cotton pants are perfect to complement with light-colored shirts. Dark color pants such as black, blue, brown, dark grey, etc. are generally advisable to opt. You can also go with denim trousers or jeans as business casuals. But, do not put on ill-fitted or ripped jeans.


Socks: Choose a pair of cotton socks that matches the color of your trousers.

Shoes: Select dark color leather shoes such as black and brown. You can also go for white or black sneakers.


Belt: You can complement your look with a black or brown colored belt.

Watch: Wearing a watch is optional if you like to wear it, you can go for a classic one or a sporty one.

So, if you want to know more about the casual interview dress code or any other interview tips, then it will be best to list yourself with a recruiter directory or employment agency list and gain more knowledge from the leading employment agency.

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