Picking a suit of ideal wedding gown for the wedding is really an important thing you should consider, so what will be the trend ? Here I will provide you with the clue.

It seems that great things come one after another in the fast few months. After Avril Lavigne announced her engagement in August, Blake Lively, the fashion icon from CW, shocked the world with great surprise that she secretly married the popular star Ryan Reynolds. Congratulations. In the past few days, the wedding dress, wedding shoes, and wedding ring of Blake Lively have become the topic of the town even though the concrete situation of the wedding hasn’t been revealed.
It is reported that the wedding gown of Blake Lively is designed by Marchesa. What’s more, as what Blake Lively revealed previously that she had a rustic wedding. Maybe you can’t wait to learn more about the gossip girl’s wedding gown and you would like to follow her choice in the forthcoming wedding ceremony 2013, so here we goes with the 2013 collections of Marchesa presented by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig at New York Fashion Week.
From the fashion show, we may find that the products for 2012-2013 spring & autumn are really anticipated. The designers said that they gain inspirations from traditional Indian style. The vintage dresses they showed this season features more colorful hues. What’s more, they are in easier-to-wear silhouettes than the recent collections. For the Blake Lively’s wedding gown, the designer said that the unique gown features a hand-draped silk tulle bodice, scattered with an intricate crystal and rose gold embroidery.
So have you got the idea for your wedding dresses 2013? Yes, here we continue to make summary.
First, Indian style. The perfect combination of modern occidental culture and traditional Indian civilization. According to the tradition, that the traditional wedding costumes for female are called saris. In Indian, the saris the women wear at the wedding stands for all the treasure of them before the wedding ceremony. So the girls always spend all their treasure to purchase their dowries. So the saris are always gorgeous and beautiful .What’s more, Indian style wedding dress may adopt various colors, such as red, yellow, green and so on, while traditional western wedding dresses take white or ivory. So in the forthcoming 2013, the new fashion in the variety of the wedding dresses colors may bring you strong feast. But that doesn’t mean a totally revolution. The gowns are all in lighter color.
Second, modest decorations. Sometimes , you may feel that the design of wedding gowns has fallen into a misunderstanding. Various dresses are designed with too many frills so that sometimes the wedding gowns lose its own beauty. But from Marchesa’s fashion show, we can find the revive of peaceful and gentle design concepts. Without exceeding decorations, the wedding dresses can concentrate on stress the glamour of the brides herself. But that doesn’t mean the wedding dresses are made without any decorations. For example, this season , crystals, sequins and so on to help you become more eye-catching.
Thirdly, the length may various. It seems that various brides like to wear long wedding gown. Yeah, this is the tradition and the trend. But in the forthcoming 2013, you will find Mechesa as well as other well-known designers launched a set of short wedding gowns. Those dresses are more convenient for you to move around at the ceremony.
All in all ,no matter what kind of wedding dresses you choose for your wedding ceremony, keeps the tips above in your heart.

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