My friend's crazy about cats. She takes care of them, and even provided them a home which is part of her house. Around twelve cats are currently living with her inside her house. She usually breeds cats with the most striking feature that's why it became so many. She really made the room fit for cats to live in, with ramps and enclosed porches, runs, and little shelves for them to sleep in. She even have grooming products for her cats. They have little sleeping tunnels and beds. She even films them and sends me a copy. One time, she caught on video her cats, the one sleeping being pounced by another who was such a nuisance making a huge disturbance in the room!

Cats, same as raccoons, dogs and bears, were considered to have came from a specie that aged 50 million years before but no longer continues to exist, called the Miacas. They had five claws that retract just like the weasel.

During the time of 3500 B.C., the Egyptian people also had pets of their own and these were tamed wildcats. They were immortalized in artwork for their skills in hunting and the Egyptians believe the cat's eyes held the light of the sun. Cats were regarded as something very holy, so anyone who was guilty of killing a cat, was sentenced to die as well. This was observed during the 1500 B.C. If a dearly loved cat died, its pet owner expressed their sorrow by having their eyebrows shaved and the cat mummified.

Then, around 1000 B.C., the cat was introduced to Europe and Asia by Phoenician and Greek traders. They remained to be awed for their knack for hunting and curbing the rodent populace.

It was in Europe where the original cat show was held, during 1871 in London, England. By 1887, the first cat association was instituted. And the rest is history for cat fanciers everywhere.

On one occasion, I had to do a job as my mother was left in the house with some ailment. My mom had a friend who said she could keep my mother company so that I could go where I needed to go. Mom and Lucy at that time were both over their senior years. By the time I was back from my walk, I saw them on each couch lying sound asleep. My mom's friend was sleeping so soundly, she snored. My mom's cat was resting on her chest gazing at her mouth and nose. I guess she was wondering what this new purring creature was that fascinated her so. Each time Lucy inhaled and exhaled, so did her chest rose and dropped, and the cat along with it. I roused my mom from her slumber so that she could witness how amusing and priceless it was. As soon as Lucy woke up herself, she gazed at the cat's curious eyes. Lucy thought she was in a dream but suddenly realized that she wasn't when we burst out laughing. She could never forget about it. Mom and Lucy reminisced about it every now and then as they grew even older.

The cats have became a part of our family and having them has been gratifying, with lots of tenderness and calm moments. They also give many hours of entertainment and laughter with their antics of curiosity. Besides loving them back, and providing the best of care and food for their well being, we can provide things that will keep them from getting bored, comfy places to sleep and play. Purrcisely!

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