Causes of Failure to Conceive: Reasons for Not Conceiving With Regular Periods

What causes infertility? Infertility results from physical problems in a man or woman's reproductive system or could be from a certain illness, medical complications or from surgery. Infertility can also be due to poor sexual or lifestyle habits, not having sexual intercourse often enough or a woman may have suffer from hormonal imbalance- these are what causes infertility.

Some of these problems can be reversed and resolved with medical treatment or lifestyle changes like changing the timing and frequency of sexual intercourse as well as the couple's sexual techniques to help increase the chance of getting pregnant.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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Here are some reasons of what causes infertility, how they are treated and remedied and the chances of being successful in getting pregnant.

According to medical research the female accounts for about 45% per cent of all fertility problems with conditions such as;


This is a condition in which endometrial tissue or the uterine lining that are shed with each monthly cycle grows outside the uterus. Symptoms include painful menstrual periods, irregular or heavy bleeding and repeated miscarriages may happen. Laparoscopic surgery to remove abnormal tissue is the most possible treatment to unblock the tubes. The doctor will also prescribe other conception medications. Expected success rates are 40-60% after a year and a half of surgery. A major reason of what causes infertility in women.

Ovulation problems

A condition usually due to hormonal problems that prevents the release of a mature egg from an ovary. Symptoms are absent, infrequent menstrual periods, excessively heavy or light bleeding. Possible solutions may include ovulation-stimulating drugs such, follicle-stimulating hormones, human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Success rates are 20-60%.

Poor egg quality

Eggs are damaged or develop chromosomal abnormalities and therefore cannot sustain a pregnancy. Usually an age-related problem wherein egg quality declines usually affecting women in their late 30s and early 40s. Only egg donation or surrogacy can solve this problem and research show that 45% of those who have a fertilized egg from a donor become pregnant.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome

The ovaries are found to have many small cysts and are not able to ovulate regularly due to hormone imbalances. Symptoms are irregular menstrual periods, excessive hair growth, acne and weight gain. Treatment is done by prescription of ovulation stimulating drugs, follicle stimulating hormones and in vitro fertilization. Success rates showed 70% of those who took fertility drugs ovulate and half of these were able to conceive within a year.

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

This condition prevents fertilized eggs from getting to the uterus and the sperm from getting to the egg. Pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases and previous sterilization surgery are the causes. Possible solutions are laparoscopic surgery to open the tubes or in vitro fertilization. Conception after surgery will depend on the severity of the blockage in the tubes as well as the severity of scar tissue that develops after surgery so success rates can be very low.

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Infertility is a condition when a woman is not getting pregnant after one year of unprotected, well timed and regular sex. In U.S around 5 million of couples are suffering from this painful inability. If a couple is not getting their own child and struggling for a long time to conceive, it does not mean that they need to rush to the doctor immediately. The inability of conceiving own child might have some factors which are not very serious and it may be treated at home with natural methods. Many couple is suffering from this infertility just because of unawareness of the exact treatment. Sometimes when you go through the treatment of doctor, you may face some horrible side effects of it. So, before wasting your time for trial to struggle to get pregnant, you need to have full information about how to get pregnant fast and naturally when you are infertile.

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Infertility has the several factors from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) to low sperm count and motility. It can be treated with medicines, surgery, artificial insemination, or assisted reproductive technology. Doctors recommend specific treatment for infertility based on;

• Test result
• Duration of struggle to get pregnant
• Age of men and women
• Over all health condition of both the partners
• And the preference of the partner

Nowadays infertility clinics and hospitals are available around every part of the world. Many couples are going to experts and find the reason behind it anatomic problem (blocked fallopian tube). Many of them are going through the most expensive tests. If they finds negative result or despite treatment they can never get their own child. Natural ways such as sex position, well timed intercourse, monitoring of your ovulation period and many more which can help you to treat your infertility and you can get pregnant fast and naturally.

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People who email me often confess that, when they are trying to get pregnant, they will have sex as much as possible during their fertility cycle so that they have the most chances to actually conceive. Some of them ask if this method will affect or influence the gender of their baby. It can. I will explain why in the following article.

If You Don't Care Which Gender You Get, Having Sex Often When Trying To Conceive Is A Decent Idea: The reasoning behind this method makes a lot of sense. You only have a small window of time each month when you can actually become pregnant. So, your chances are already limited. Each time you have intercourse, more sperm is released which creates more chances for you to actually become pregnant. It only makes sense that you want to give yourself as many chances for success as you possibly can. Having intercourse as often as possible is one way to do this.

However, if you're wanting to choose your baby's gender, timing is so very important. When you're just having intercourse at any old time you feel like it, then you take this careful timing out of the equation and you could be potentially leaving your baby's gender up to mother nature or chance.

Why The Timing Of Intercourse Affects Whether You Conceive A Boy Or A Girl: To make a relatively long and complicated story more simplistic and short, having sex before ovulation favors conceiving a girl while having intercourse after the egg's release (ovulation) increases your chances for having a boy. But, if you're just trying to conceive with no regard for where you are in your ovulation cycle, then you're potentially ignoring or omitting a very important variable.

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Yes, choosing your baby's gender often means having less sex during your ovulation cycle. And, yes this means less sperm chromosomes which means less chances for success. But honestly, trying each and every day of your cycle can be over kill. If you know exactly when you ovulate and plan accordingly, then you still have very targeted and decent odds. Whether or not you embrace this method really does depend on how important choosing your baby's gender really is to you. Of course, for this method to work, you need a firm grip on your ovulation day. I highly recommend a good predictor used regularly so you know exactly when the time is right.

When (Or How Often) You Have Sex Is Not The Only Variable That Influences Your Baby's Gender: Timing is a big issue in gender selection but it's not the only one. How you're having sex is just as important as when or how often you're having it. What I mean is that the positions you use can be important also. Deeper penetration will help along the Y sperm which favors boy baby. Shallow penetration is what you want for the X sperm if you're trying for a girl.

The last thing you want to look at is your vaginal fluid and vaginal environment and whether it's acidic or alkaline. You want it to be acidic if you're trying for a daughter and alkaline if you're trying for a son. There are scientific and specific reasons for this, but this is the short version. So if your method has been to have frequent intercourse when trying to get pregnant, there's nothing wrong with this if you don't really have a preference as to whether you end up with a boy or a girl. But, if you favor one gender over another, your sexual frequency should reflect this.

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Getting pregnant is the most pleasant moment in all the women's life. Nowadays many couples are there who wants to pick the gender of their unborn baby by their own choices. Now it's becoming very widely popular that there are several natural ways that can improve the chances of conceiving the boy/girl by your choice. If you want to conceive a son, the first and most important thing is you need to have full information about how to get pregnant with a boy. There are some very easy natural ways which can help you in getting pregnant with the gender of your choice or a son.

• Change your diet- after deciding to conceive a baby boy the first thing you need to change your daily diet. You should eat that foods which are rich with alkaline. Eating alkaline rich foods helps to create an environment that helps to grow your son inside the mother's womb. You need to eat plenty of vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, beets and lentils. It will help you to get pregnant with a baby boy and it makes your unborn son healthy also.

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• Positions of intercourse- when you take care of your diet to grow baby boy inside the second thing you need to focus on the position of intercourse. Positions of sex may help you to conceive the gender of your choice naturally without any difficulty. Most of you know that time of intercourse influence the gender of your unborn baby. The sperms that produce the girl and boy are different from each other. When you are trying to conceive baby boy, you need to use that sexual position that allow for deep penetration.

• Put your all efforts together- however, you can see that these steps are not so difficult. You can use these steps at home to conceive a baby son.

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