Straining while on the toilet can make the veins in your rectum swell. After a while, this can lead to the development of hemorrhoids either externally or internally. When the veins that are found in the rectum or even around the anus get swollen and inflamed, then this brings about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be as a result of pregnancy, weight, anal intercourse, age or even by standing for too long. Hemorrhoids are also referred to as piles.

If you happen to have constipation and it persists for a while, then it is likely that you will develop hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are accompanied by bleeding, swelling and pain. One of the remedies for hemorrhoids that you can use to avoid hemorrhoids is too eat lots of fiber and also to drink a lot of fluids. These both help by softening the stool.

Petroleum jelly can also be used in hemorrhoids treatment to help in the lubrication of the anus and to make the stool’s passage easier. All you have to do is use a cotton swab or your finger to insert the petroleum jelly into your anus.

A lot of women develop hemorrhoids when they are pregnant and this is because of the additional weight and the pressure it places on the rectum and the anus. Pre natal vitamins that are taken by pregnant women have iron which can bring about constipation and which may make your hemorrhoids worse. If you happen to develop hemorrhoids during your pregnancy, make sure to ask your physician for a hemorrhoids treatment that will give you relief.

Hemorrhoids can be avoided or prevented. One of the remedies for hemorrhoids that can be used is the propping up of your feet maybe on a stool when you are using the toilet and defecating. This helps in hemorrhoids treatment because it relieves the pressure on the rectum and the buttocks.

You could also take ibuprofen in hemorrhoids treatment and this will help to give you some relief from the pain as well as help in reducing the swelling that is caused by the hemorrhoids. Make sure that any other medication that you are taking does not contra indicate the use of ibuprofen.

Another widely used remedy for hemorrhoids is witch hazel. All you have to do is dab the hemorrhoids using a cotton ball that has been dipped in witch hazel. You can also use Preparation H for hemorrhoids treatment or if the hemorrhoids are hanging out, you could try to push them back in gently.

Another solution for piles treatment that you can chose to use is a donut. A donut is a gizmo that looks like an inner tube which you can sit on. It helps to reduce the pressure on the rectum and the anus and it also makes sitting less painful.

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