High cholesterol causes are many and shared. If you do not have high cholesterol and you are looking for a preventive measure, I applaud you and your efforts. Prevention is the best solution.

There is a turning point in a certain level, when you're entering the danger zone. Although it takes the bad habits and reinforce the problem years of age, cholesterol becomes an issue at some point. At the highest point, you have to start changing your diet and exercise to prevent heart disease. The problem is you will not be allowed to have a balanced diet. People with high cholesterol are being told to avoid high cholesterol foods, and when it is the only source of protein and essential nutrients.

Your job is to understand what causes high cholesterol in the blood, in order to maintain their level of fear. The first aspect of the cholesterol that everyone should be aware of the fact that they are 2 different types.

Good cholesterol (also known as HDL cholesterol) - is the body that removes extra cholesterol from the body type of cholesterol. You see, the body needs cholesterol of cell membranes to produce vitamin D, produce bile to digest fat, and many other things. You do not have too much cholesterol in the follow through of these different processes. Your body uses HDL cholesterol, in order to remove all the extra.

Bad cholesterol (also known as LDL cholesterol) - This type of cholesterol, cholesterol which brings the rest of the body. Of all the causes of high cholesterol, this must be one of the most prominent. This type of cholesterol sends cells. It is more likely to be turned into a plaque of free radicals. When your cholesterol becomes plaque, builds up on the artery walls. one day when you do not know, plaque bubble bursts and releases the blobs of fat, which has a tendency to get stuck and lead to a heart attack.

High cholesterol leads to really have a lot to do with the different types of cholesterol.

First Overeating saturated fat foods

If you eat foods with a high saturated fat content, are a high-risk high cholesterol. Ingestion of saturated fat always increase the cholesterol, the body produces. Liver realize that there is more fat process and therefore creates more cholesterol to take care of it. Remember that cholesterol is used in the production of bile. Since bile is necessary in order to be able to process fats, cholesterol is needed to produce bile.

In addition, fat is also applied to the triglyceride or form, which is stored in the body. Cholesterol is to be transported into the cells. Again, the more fat you eat, the more that has to be stored in the body. This is an additional burden that must be carried through the bloodstream and steady increases in cholesterol.

Second Lack of physical activity

This is one of the major reasons for high levels of cholesterol in the body. Exercise is proven to increase levels of good cholesterol in the body. If you do not use your good cholesterol in the end I cut. If your good cholesterol level is low, it is not sufficient to transport all the excess from your body.

3rd Genetics

Research has shown that genetics has a lot to do with different cholesterol levels. Even if you stay on a healthy diet and exercise, you can still have high cholesterol. This is one of the reasons for high cholesterol, it is very difficult to explain and treat.

Now that you know what it takes to achieve a high level of cholesterol, to try to prevent that ever happening keeping fit, eating healthy foods, particularly the right to supplement. If you have high cholesterol risk, it is recommended that your daily supplement to be specific high cholesterol. Studies have shown that preventive powers of cholesterol lowering supplements. Their ingredients are a special blend of different managing cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.

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