Have you seen a case where a group of people gets affected due to a similar cause? There is a possibility of mass tort in such a case. Some acts harm or cause injuries to numerous people simultaneously, like explosions or contaminated groundwater. A Conyers injury attorney can help you deal with such issues better. This blog will discuss the common causes of Mass Tort in Conyers.


Agricultural Torts


Imagine a case where defective seeds manufactured by a company lead to damaged farms all across the country. In such a scenario, the farmers can sue the company by filing mass tort lawsuits to claim compensation for the lost crop.


Defective Medical Device Torts


Do you know anybody with a heart implant or a pacemaker? A defective pacemaker can be a problem for the patient. In such cases, mass tort lawsuits get filed by a group of people on the grounds of the defective medical device causing them injuries. Other defective medical devices like bone plates, implants, prosthetic limbs, or artificial valves can also cause harm to the patient.


Defective Product Torts


A damaged product or manufacturing defect can be responsible for injuries to people; for example- a faulty manufactured automobile causing road accidents or a toy leading to unexpected choking hazard in the child. Even an ordinary bath soap can be defective if it has ingredients that cause skin rashes.


Disaster Torts


Significant scale accidents like train accidents, ship sinking, or plane crashes are part of disaster torts. Usually, unnatural disasters get covered in such torts.


Pharmaceutical Torts


When a defective drug results in the injury or even death of the consumers. These torts can be due to unintended side effects of the drugs or inadequate instructions by the doctors. Incomplete information on the drug label, giving the wrong medication, or consuming the wrong dosage also gets covered under this heading.


Toxic Torts


When exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins, a population is prone to damage or even future generations. For instance, mercury exposure can lead to death and even harm the brain's development in children. If the pregnant woman gets exposed to such chemicals, pregnancy can get terminated, or the baby can have deformed limbs.




Filing a mass tort lawsuit can be a task. Mass torts are very common and mainly caused due to negligence of the manufacturing companies. In case of need, you can hire a personal injury attorney.


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