We are all aware of the importance of keeping our body in good shape and even better health. We derive some balance or equilibrium in that. But problems start coming on to us and attacking us from all sides when that balance starts to waiver. For example, when you have certain hormonal changes in the body, it might lead to the formation of unwanted features in your body like the moles or skin tags.

Skin tags are otherwise called as the acrochordon. Other sites on the internet refer to it as cutaneous papilloma. A skin tag is a visibly flabby fold of fat that is held upright by a stalk. This stalk is referred to as the peduncle. It is that part of the skin tag that is very soft to the touch. This is the characteristic look of any skin tags. However the shape, structure and size can vary from one person to another.

When people find a skin tag growing in their body, they would immediately feel alarmed. But do not be alarmed. It is actually a normal occurrence among many pregnant women. Whenever there is a hormonal change in the body, you can some changes to occur in some organ of the body or on the skin surface. Seeing the changes clearly with your own eyes will only make you worry even more. There is no need to consult a doctor if they are not giving you any bother at all. However, you should still find out about these changes in your body in order to be fully aware about it.

Similarly, when you ponder over the cause of the formation of skin tags, you will find that the trapping of collagen result in skin tags. There are several layers of different proteins and elements underneath the skin and collagen forms an important part of the dermal layer. When collagen becomes all tangled up with the blood vessels, they get trapped within the dermal surface. Skin tags then start to form. Try noting certain infections and diseases and you will be amazed at how much connection they actually have with one another.

Skin tags actually form even from the simple act of two layers of skin rubbing together. The contact between two layers of skin will even be more reinforced when the person is wearing skintight clothes. Friction will then ensue. Soon, skin tags will appear.

You should also consider the other risk factors involved in the development of skin tags. Skin tags become even more possible for those who take too much steroids. Skin tags can also develop among people who are suffering from the effects of the human papilloma virus. When there is no pain and when there is no bleeding from these tags, you need not be worried or consult a doctor. When the size of the skin tags is not changing, it will not lead to cancer and you need not panic. Skin tags are also frequently seen among people with diabetes.

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