Are you aware of the causes of toenail fungus? Knowing the causes can certainly help you with getting rid of it. You can treat the symptom from the surface, but I personally believe that it is more effective to treat them from the root. Keep reading what I have to share with you today to get the full scoop and how you can deal with the symptoms from the root.

The fungus is caused by bacteria that accumulate in the affected area. Bacteria love moist and warm areas, so one of the causes of toenail fungus is not keeping your toes dry. You need to pay particular attention after activities such as taking a shower, having a swim, or exercising at the gym. Apart from that, people who wear tight-fitting shoes are also prone to getting fungus on the nails. Be sure to air your feet as much as you can.

While all of the things that I mentioned above are due to a person’s habits, there is a cause that is due to a person’s immune system. People with a weakened immune system may be prone to getting nail fungus as well. By weakened immune system, I am referring to people who have suffered from HIV, leukemia, or diabetes.

Now that you know the causes of toenail fungus, let me share with you some ways you can look into to get rid of it.

Firstly, you could try soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a well known home remedy to treat fungal infections. Add some apple cider vinegar to a basin of water and soak your toes in the solution for about 15 minutes every day. This method obviously takes some time and effort to prepare, so make sure you have time to give this a try.

If you don’t have time to spare or if you prefer something that does not involve as much work, you could get some Vicks VapoRub and rub it on the affected area. Research and studies have shown that Vicks VapoRub, which has anti-fungal properties, has been proven to remove nail fungus. It is also an inexpensive and more convenient option, so do consider this as well.

I hope you have a better understanding about the causes of toenail fungus and how you can get rid of it. Give either of the remedies a try, and I believe you will start to see some improvement in a matter of time.

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