Cavities also are known as tooth decay, forms in your teeth like a hole. Cavities at the beginning cause no pain, making it hard to understand that a problem exists. Cavities occur as a result of plaque a bacteria that lives in the mouth, which digest food containing sugar and starches and turning them into acid when this acid in plaque dissolve in the enamel layer, it creates holes called cavities.
Causes of cavities

Right, when we started having teeth, we were made aware of the importance of oral hygiene, which involves brushing and flossing the teeth twice every day to get rid of bacteria. Well, mostly we often fail to abide by this role which leads to the risk of developing dental health issues. Dentist office near me is quite common, and it’s best to have one close by in case of emergency. So here are different ways to in which cavities form, they are:
• Poor oral hygiene: This involves lack of brushing the teeth, or visiting a dentist office for a cleaning, which leads to plaque building and destroying the enamel layer.
• Eating: This is where the material that helps form cavities comes from when you eat food containing carbohydrate they tend to remain in your teeth and are only removed when you brush. So not brushing the teeth regularly, your risk of getting cavities increases.
• Bacteria, acid and plaque formation: Already the mouth contains bacteria, and when this bacteria digest food particle containing starch and sugar and then mixed with saliva in your mouth to form plaque, in this plaque are acid. When this plaque attaches to your teeth, it builds up and damages the enamel of your teeth which eventually causes hole known as cavities.
How to get rid of cavities
Below are ways to get rid of cavities they include:
• Tooth filling
• Root canal
• Twice a day brushing your teeth at least.
• Limit the intake of sugary food: also it was recommended by a dentist near me, that it is best to reduce the consumption of sweet food, and also visit a dentist office for dental cleaning of the teeth to avoid the formation of dental issues. The dentist office you book an appointed to and the time, also determine the kind of service you are offered like it is done in the dentist office near me.
In conclusion
Cavities are irritating when you get to discover them late, because by then the teeth have already been destroyed, but it can also be gotten rid of by following the above ways to enjoy a great healthy set of teeth.

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