CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats Living Together - Not In Harmony

Generally when an animal is territorial or aggressive, pet parents turn to CBD oil to help bring a sense of calming relaxation to their pet and, in turn, peace to the home, especially when there is a dog and cat living there together. A household with multiple species can prove difficult to contend with. Felines and canines notoriously do battle among themselves. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Not only do products with medicinal properties like CBD, which you can find online (visit https://pethempcompany.com/products/cbd-oil-for-dogs-cats for information), help with behavior challenges by reducing stress, but there are ways to develop an environment that encourages a healthy relationship between the species. It takes extra time and effort on the part of the pet parents. It’sexceptionally worth it when you have a love for animals and want to open your home to many.

Tips For Raising Dogs And Cats In Harmony

Most people tend to stick with one specific species when they adopt dogs or cats, even if they get more than one. But some want to experience a few different types of pets in their home for the sheer fact that they have a love for animals as a whole.

It can create chaos when bringing new critters home and attempting to incorporate the different personalities and unique chemistries. In today’s world, pet parents turn to CBD oils for cats and dogs.

There are a variety of different applications like chews, treats, topicals, and tinctures, all designed to provide therapeutic properties meant to enhance wellness and overall health, including helping with mood.

In addition to implementing these products into your pets’ regular regimens, there are other lifestyle adjustments that can be made to ensure greater harmony for thefur babies and the family.

Try To Bring Them Into The Home Together :

If you haven’t adopted yet, but know you’ll want more than just one animal, go ahead and rescue the species you’re interested in as babies like a cat and a dog.

Dogs are relatively affable as a pup and less likely to harm a cat when they’re young because they carry less aggression with a greater desire for learning. Cats are often much smaller than a dog as babies but feisty and want control. Often even family cats fight among themselves
to determine dominance. A kitty won’t feel threatened by the dog or feel the need to protect itself once she feels in control.
If you have a pet already, the chance of bringing in a new animal successfully is greater if you bring in a younger species that is of the opposite sex.

Decide Wisely:

Rescuing a pet is a life-changing experience, one that should be taken with considerable thought and extensive research on the various breeds. There are specific dog breeds that enjoy cats more than others, including Beagles, Labradors, Bichons, and Retrievers.

Those that would be a less safe choice would be Afghan Hounds, Huskies, and many in the Terrier family. Hunting/herding types should be avoided based on their strong drive for prey, and they would consider a cat to be in this category.

It’s better to choose animals that are close to the same age and energy capacity. You may want to lean towards a pet that has already lived with another species. If you have a dog or cat that’s already territorial or aggressive, it’s going to be difficult to add a new animal to the equation.

Prior To Officially Meeting:

The new addition should be checked out thoroughly with a vet to ensure there is no illness or parasites that can be passed on to others. The vet will provide current vaccines and a thorough exam along with grooming all of which need to be taken care of before an animal is brought into a household.

The canine and feline should be kept apart for a few days to allow them to have their own personal space with each being closed in a safe zone. During that time, the other is able to explore and sniff their friend’s presence in an effort to familiarize with the scent.

Thiswill include any personal items like bedding and toys andenablingsniffing under the door while one is in the safe space so there is a positive association.

When the feline and the canine meet face-to-face initially, pup will be on a leash. It is likely the cat will express herself with a hiss and a swat at the dog to show her dominance, which is normal and a good first step. If the dog looks as though he is going to approach aggressively, it’s vital to invoke training commands like “stay” or “sit” followed by positive reinforcement. Find out the different ways CBD benefits cats from dogs with this link

Final Thought

When you decide to add different species like potentially a feline and a canine to your household, make sure that each is given their own private area that they can “escape” to where they’re not disturbed if they choose to be alone. It needs to be where they have meals and sleep, or merely relax.

Each needs training to learn not to go into the others personal area, touch their food or play with their things because this will certainly instigate a fight for those who are instinctively territorial. Incorporating cannabidiol as a staple to the daily regimennot only enhances the animals’ wellness, but the compound is beneficial in reducing stress, controlling mood, and helping pets to remain calm.

The first impression is key between a cat and dog. It’s up to the pet parent to prepare so the introduction is smooth to prevent potential problems that will last into the future.

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